An Ultimate Guide To Get You Through Parenthood


Stepping into the shoes of being a parent can be overwhelming and even hectic, especially if you have not been around newborns or if this is your first child. One has to constantly check on the baby because, in a second, the child gets hurt, and in a minute can, that injury be life-threatening to the child.

A few pointers will help you get through the starting few years of being a parent.

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Consulting A Doctor After Birth

If this is your first time having a child, it is best to seek help by talking to lactation consultants or specialists to get further guidance. Nurses are great to take advice from as they will tell you everything about how to handle your child, like how to hold the baby right, how to get him to burp, and all other things you need to know when it comes to handling a child.

Taking Some Of The Load Off

One can even have a trained babysitter if the parent has trouble handling the baby or has no time to look after the child throughout the day. Babysitters can be of great help because they know everything about the baby, and having them take care of the child can be of great help, especially if both parents are working.

Your Baby’s Safety Comes First

This is the most important point one should take into consideration. Making use of the baby’s playpen, keeping sharp objects out of the child’s reach, and not leaving the baby alone for a long period will ensure that the child is taken care of and is protected from any potential danger to them.

Few Rules For Handling Your Child

One should always be gentle with a child. For example, if you want to wake your baby up from a night of sleep, do not shake him out of sleep as this can cause injury. Wake him up gently by patting him or tickling him on the feet. Apart from this, ensure you do not hold any hot materials while you have the baby in your arms to prevent burns or injury.

There are also times when you have important office documents at your home, and you do not want the child to get to them, or you have some small valuables that you want to keep out of reach of your child, you may want to use as safes for office which the child will be unable to open.

Feeding Your Child

When it comes to feeding, one might be confused as to how many times they need to feed their child, but usually, the feeding is done whenever the child shows signs of hunger. They may start sucking on their fingers or might start crying, and this is when you will get to know if your child is hungry or not.

After every time you feed the child, it is important to make the baby burp. If the baby goes without burping after being fed, he might vomit all the food.

Getting Sleep

You will be rather shocked to know that a child needs a sleep of more than sixteen hours or so. They usually sleep between two to three hours, staying mostly awake at night and sleeping during the day. This can prove to be tedious to the parents as they too then have to stay awake during the night and work during the day, which can lead to fatigue and tiredness.

An alternative to this is to keep the baby busy and playing during the day and give him or her proper rest for the night. Dimming the lights and not having much activity around yourself helps the child sleep for a longer period during the night.

Having A Pet At Home

Nowadays, most houses have pets in their homes and have developed a habit of having them there. But one will have to take extra precautions when they have a pet as well as a newborn child in their home.

You will have to see that the pet does not lick the infant or does not scratch at his skin. You will also have to continuously wash the child’s hands if they play with the pet. To ensure a proper environment for the pets at home, be it dogs or cats or even fish, it is important to take care of them all. In case you have an aquarium in the house, you may also want to use ceramic rings in it.  


Being a parent of a first child in the house can be a huge task and may even lead to anxiety. But it does get better with time.


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