BLUE DART TRACKING – How Courier Companies Work

How Courier Companies Work A genuine courier company takes care of the timely delivery of a product. The company’s protocol contributes to the overall delivery quality and delivery speed of the product. Blue Dart is one such name that is well-known as a courier or shipment company.

Let’s how most of the courier companies like Blue Dart work to ensure the customer prompt delivery-

How Courier Companies Work

How Courier Companies Work to Deliver the Packages?

Delivering the courier involves a process of different steps that begins with identifying and sorting the package. This includes verifying their destination, and accordingly, the estimated time of the delivery gets finalized. The courier package gets embossed by the source address and receiver’s information.

Bar Code Generation

The courier company begins its process by generating the barcode for the package. This barcode contains all the information related to picking up, destination, and buyer’s contact details. Bar code is not a very new approach, and it’s been in the run for years. Barcode provides a faster method of tracking the courier or identifying it over manual records.

Scan Bar Code Details

When the product is being loaded in the vehicle, this barcode helps to identify the staff about the destination along with all other necessary details. This data then gets stored in the tracking system of Blue Dart for future access. Later, the delivery guy leaves with the product to make the delivery happen.

Receiving and Re-scanning the Product

The product while traveling through several hubs finally reaches the receiver. It gets delivered to the nearby delivery center, and from here the delivery guy delivers it to the buyer.

Before the new delivery guy delivers the product to its destination, re-scanning of the barcode happens. This confirms all the details about the package, so the delivery team can understand it better, and deliver it accordingly.

Out for Delivery

This is the moment where the receiver receives a message that the product is out for delivery. Blue Dart at this stage scans the item again and stores the information in the database. Afterward, the courier guy leaves the agency for delivering the product.

Product Delivery

At last, the customer receives the package. The courier guy after letting the customer sign the paper that confirms the delivery hands over the product. Later, the database gets updated about the delivery of the product with the delivery time, name of the receiver, and the item delivered.

Tracking the Item via Blue Dart

If a customer’s package is being delivered by Blue Dart, there is a tracking system. It is accessible online where a customer needs to put the assigned consignment number or the AWB number by clicking Track My Couriers and all the results are shown on the screen.

Nowadays, courier tracking is even easier that you don’t even have to visit the courier company’s official website. By visiting the website you purchase the item from, you can tap Order Status, and it displays you all the information about your product.

Blue Dart is one of the excellent delivery companies that take care of product mishandling, so the product can be delivered in perfect condition.

The blue dart courier tracking system helps the customers by providing them a sophisticated way of knowing where the package is. The advanced technology also helps the packages from getting lost in between, which is a rare case from the past few years.

With the set pandemic of COVID 19, Blue Dart has been giving its best to provide the customers with their packages. In the midst of this chaos, the receiver should always stay positive and wait for the product to be delivered at the earliest possible. All the courier companies are working their best to make the delivery work. Till then, keep tracking and getting to know where your product has reached.

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