Central Freight Tracking

Track Central Freight Parcel


Central Freight Lines has sustainability, financial strength, and an infrastructure designed to intelligently support the logistical needs of North America’s largest manufacturing, retail and distribution enterprises.


Central Freight Tracking Customer Service

Department Phone Fax
Accounts Payable 254-741-5355 254-741-5288
Accounts Receivable 254-741-5282 254-741-5252
Billing/Suspense 254-741-5242 254-741-5311
Collections 254-741-5399 254-741-5507
Customer Service 800-782-5036 254-741-5370
Human Resources 972-554-5326 972-554-5358
Information Systems 254-741-5266 254-741-5274
Loss & Damage Claims 254-741-5227 254-741-5295
Payroll 254-741-5256 254-741-5335
Rates 254-741-5531 254-741-5370
Safety 972-554-5319 972-554-5363


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