Container Shipping from China to Canada

China’s expanding and boosting grip on export as the world’s cargo flows is sparking and spurring. With ports clogged globally and shortages due to pandemics plaguing and haunting many industries, Shipping from China has become exceedingly practical and efficacious due to economic rates.


If you want to get services of Container Shipping from China to Canada, you must be peeking for freight choices and selections for your cargo delivery to Canada. You must be scrutinizing and skimming for better supply chain management to save expense and less time duration on transportation.


On this platform, I am spilling the beans to learn the procedure and operation of Shipping from China to Canada streamlined to know the nuts and bolts of international Shipping.


Know About Incoterm!

In the shopping industry, you should be acquainted with this term. Conventional international standard codes, Incoterms, stipulate where cargo should be sent from the seller to the buyer.


  • DAP or delivered at a place means that the Chinese will transport your goods to a predetermined international destination from the Chinese provider. To ship blue widgets from a supplier to your depository, you’d use the DAP code.


  • “FOB” or free on board, which is transported from the point of origin to which is intended for export. You are responsible for making sure that it reaches its final destination.


Main Types of Container Shipping:


There are two main common types of Shipping from China, concerning cost and size of the container. To choose between FCL and LCL is a good option for a large volume as airfreight may be an option, but it generally costs an arm and leg. 


1.FCL = Full Container Load

Full Container Load (FCL) shipments in which the shipper possesses the full container. If you are shipping a larger percentage of goods that can fill up a standard shipping container, book FCL. By volume and weight, FCL Shipping from China is typically more affordable. 


Benefits of FCL:


  • Full container load shipping gives you undivided ownership of a container.
  • It is not necessary to fill up a whole container.
  • FCL helps avoid damages and cases of stolen goods, as seen with LCL shipping.


  1. LCL = Less Container Load

I understand that shipping smallish quantities of commodities from China to Canada can be feverish. However, you do not need to worry! You can smoothly ship your cargo from China to Canada with LCL shipping, no matter how small. It is the best alternative in this scenario.


Benefits of LCL:

  • You can ship small items from China to Canada
  • You can afford it easily at a low price rate.


Shipping Container Dimensions:

When it comes to shipping containers, there are typically four possibilities.


The most common shipping containers used for sea freight are the 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft High Cube containers. Their capacities range between 33 and 76 cubic meters.


Important Points to be Kept in Mind:


Many of the queries must be striking or popping out from your brain to find the answers. Here are a few noteworthy points:


  • You will require a lading/airway bill, a commercial invoice, a packing list, and sometimes a certificate of origin.


  • A BOL is a logistics document that includes the basic details and evidence of a shipping understanding between transporter and shipper.


  • It contains substantial information like the goods description, freight class, addresses, special shipping instructions, etc.


  • Depending on distance, shopping from China to Canada takes about 5-8 weeks via sea, 3-7 days by air, and approximately 3 days by courier service.



  • You can track the shipments 24/7 by using a bill of lading number and shipment details.


  • Verify the legitimacy of products before selling them, as there is always the possibility that it is against the regulation.


Different Methods used for Shipping:

  • Reefer Container

Medicines, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products need maximum safety and durability during Shipping due to sensitivity. Reefer containers are refrigerated to maintain the particular temperature throughout the shipping journey. Mostly the temperature is lower than 15c and is more expensive.


There are other types of Convertible Shipping Containers, ventilated containers, or insulated containers to meet the needs and transport the goods safely.

  • Out of Gauge (OOG) Shipping:

Loads whose dimensions exceed the container’s dimensions due to asymmetrical shapes are giant cargo and do not fit in 20 ft, 40 ft, or 40 ft high cube containers. Automobiles such as luxury coaches, aircraft parts, wind turbines, construction machinery, electricity generation machinery, etc.


The shipping companies charge an OOG surcharge for lost spaces and slots. After all, no other containers can be loaded wherever goods protrude and bulge out. OOG shipping assures these items’ safe and credible transportation internationally to avoid an altercation.

  • RoRo Shipping

RoRo is favorable when deals with Shipping wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, buses. This type of Shipping makes it easy to load and unload the cargo as it is just driven on and off the containers as needed. The cargo is strongly closed under the deck to guarantee safety and security to avoid movement as it can damage the other cargo.


Insurance for Transport


Freight insurance offers protection against potential losses caused to the shipment during transit. There are different freight insurance policies, including cargo insurance, shipping insurance, transport insurance, and transit insurance. The good news is that insurance isn’t costly, costing anywhere from $50 to $100 on average.


Adequate Packaging


You may lose your money and goods as the most worrying thing is cargo damage while hauling. Communication with suppliers is necessary as they may use low-quality material for packaging.


The following is a valuable shipment checklist:


Inner cartons: 5 layers

Outer cartons: 5 layers

Plastic wrapping: Yes (on Outer carton)

Pallets: Yes (ISPM 15 EU Standard)

Freight remark: Yes (Printed on outer carton)



Do not put yourself in dubieties, and as this shipping approach is well organized and monitored properly. It seems intricated and complex, but you can unquestionably grasp or apprehend the whole procedure. You can safely transfer your goods via Container Shipping from China to Canada; if you understand the whole procedure, you can benefit from it.