Does DHL Deliver On Saturday

DHL, an acronym for the surnames of its founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn, is the world’s leading logistics company. Founded in 1969, DHL currently has over 400,000 employees in over 220 countries, ensuring that your shipment reaches its destination when it should.

Being dedicated to improvement, the company launched its DHL weekend delivery options, but this is one area where consumers are in doubt or are not even aware of. So, this article will help clear your doubts and keep you informed. Aside from answering your weekend delivery question, it serves as a useful guide to DHL international logistics.Does DHL deliver on Saturday and Sunday

DHL International Shipments: How Does It Work?

DHL is one of the best courier service companies in the world. It offers dynamic services and an improved delivery range at reduced costs. This feature explains why its services are always in high demand. If you’re new to DHL, you can get started by following the steps below:

  • Get a DHL Express account: As with virtually every other company globally, the first step in using DHL Express is to own an account with them. You can do this by simply requesting one on their website.
  • Classify your shipment: Classifying your shipment helps calculate how much it’ll cost to ship the same, and it tells you if there’s any restriction to your import or export. All you have to do is get your 10-digit Harmonized Trade Schedule code (HTS code) or any other type of code available. This code is what classifies your shipment.
  • Choose your DHL import or export service: DHL import and export services include DHL Express, DHL supply chain, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL parcel, and DHL freight. Just select the service that meets your shipping needs, and you’re good.
  • Request a rate quote and transit time: Your rate quote is the cost of delivering your shipment. It’s a formal agreement between you and DHL showing that they’ve agreed to handle your load at a given price and on a guaranteed date. You can get your quote online by typing in your DHL Express account number, destination details, and the length, width, and height details of your shipment. Then you’ll get all the information you need for this stage.
  • Calculate your landed cost: Your landed cost is the total cost of getting your shipment delivered. To make the process stress-free, DHL developed a Trade Automation Service (TAS) that can do the calculation for you. This service will even help you with the information you need in your paperwork to ensure accuracy, so it doesn’t waste your time at the customs stage.
  • Ensure your documents are complete: If you’re exporting shipments, the documents you’ll need include a certificate of origin, power of attorney, packing list, and carnets. On the other hand, importing shipments will require some documents, like commercial invoices and certificates of origin. Making sure that all your documents are complete will save you delays from custom clearance.

Does DHL deliver on Saturday and Sunday

These steps are not absolute; several factors inform them. Regardless, they’re the routine, and you’re sure to pass through two or more of them to get started and ship packages.

What Are The Benefits Of Shipping With DHL?

People use a particular service because of what they stand to gain from it. The same is true for DHL. The logistics company is easily one of the most patronized since it offers many benefits, such as:

  • Same-day delivery: Through their expertise, DHL can get your shipment destination details and find out the most reliable and fastest route to ply. To this extent, they could employ air, land or combine both to guarantee that you get your shipment within 24 hours.
  • International presence: DHL’s international presence spans over 220 countries, and that’s a broad reach, especially if you’re into e-commerce.
  • Air delivery services and sea delivery services: These options are used in ensuring that same-day delivery is possible, and it also means DHL can get to your destination even if there’s no land access to it.
  • Door-to-door delivery: Sit right where you are, place your orders, and receive them. No heavy liftings for you. This is even more beneficial if you’re shipping to the elderly.
  • No pickup fees: Pay once, and you pay for all.
  • Availability of international help desk: No matter where you are, you can reach out to DHL through their international help desk and get your issues resolved.

The benefits are immense and diverse. Aside from the above, DHL boasts product security and incredible customer support.

DHL Weekend Delivery

This kind of delivery is done during the weekend instead of on weekdays. One of the benefits of weekend deliveries is getting your shipment when needed. If you’re left with just weekday deliveries and an emergency comes up on Saturday, what do you do?

Hence, using shipping companies that offer weekend delivery is a sure bet for full coverage in case an emergency arises. This means that you’ll have access to seven days of delivery or get weekend-specific deliveries. The choice is yours.

Does DHL Deliver On Saturdays?

Saturday delivery with DHL is not a straight path. To US citizens, DHL doesn’t deliver on weekends except if it’s an emergency, which will cost you extra.

If you’re an Australian resident, be glad you can enjoy DHL’s Saturday delivery. But note that you must pick this option while booking your shipment (not after the booking), or you’ll get your delivery on weekdays.

The same goes for European residents. You can use DHL weekend delivery, including Saturday and Sunday.

DHL’s Saturday delivery services include but are not limited to the following:

  • DHL Parcel: It allows you to deliver parcels and documents internationally. 
  • DHL Express: It expands on DHL parcels by giving you a door-to-door delivery option.
  • DHL eCommerce: It cares for your e-commerce needs. You can deliver products, receive returns from customers, and do more domestically and internationally.
  • DHL Freight: It’s DHL’s air delivery option that’s designed to meet urgent international deliveries.
  • DHL Supply Chain: This option gives you access to warehouse and transport assistance and valuable reports that will improve your business.

It’s important to note that the logistics costs for these services will differ, depending on your shipping destination.


International shipping is a complex process, especially when shipping emergency products during the weekend. But things are getting better these days, and that’s why DHL makes international shipment easy for you. Although there’s a catch, you can deliver products on Saturday and Sunday through DHL.