How do I renew my SBI ATM card?

How do I renew my SBI ATM card? Please note that the Debit Cards whose validity is Near to get expired is renewed automatically from the Bank. The restored Card will have a new card number (i.e., different from the number of the current Card) and will also have a new password PIN.
The renewed Card is sent to consumers 2 to 3 months in advance.
The existing Card will not be renewed if, at the time of renovation,
a. KYC compliant or PAN Number/Form 60 not updated in CBS of your account,
b. The current status of the Debit Card is blocked or not in use
c. The Card has not been used entire life of card
d. The account is inoperative/closed or not in use or block.

There are many ways to apply for new ATM card by visiting the nearest sbi branch or through sbi yono app or sbi net banking

  • Login to our internet banking portal. (
  • Navigate to e-Services > ATM Card Services (Left Side of the Screen under Quick Links) >Request ATM/Debit Card.How do I renew my SBI ATM card?
  • Select the Primary Account number.
  • Choose Card category from Debit card or My card
  • Under the Debit card menu, you can choose your Debit card variantHow do I renew my SBI ATM card?
  • Under My card option >
  • How do I renew my SBI ATM card?

  • here yo customize your debit card you can put your image on the card
  • Customer can choose any card and apply here.

Aside from our internet banking, consumers may apply for the debit card with the help of our YONO SBI app as well. The process flow is:-

  • Login to YONO SBI app
  • Navigate to Quick Links > Service Requests > ATM/Debit card > Request New/Replacement
  • Select the debit card variant of your choice and place the request.

You can track your Debit card parcel online here by India Post

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