How Scroll Pumps Are Used to Facilitate Travel

Are you a keen traveler? Or are you interested in the tourism and transportation industry? Traveling is so important because it opens you up to new ideas, ways of living, and cultures. You can travel locally or overseas for different reasons such as for work, for leisure, to look for love, to visit family, for religious purposes, or even to get medical treatment abroad. But did you know that as you travel, scroll vacuum pumps play a very important role? 

Scroll vacuum pumps, commonly known as scroll pumps have been around for many years. They play a key role in many machine components and the running of engines. However, many people have probably never heard of them because most of the time scroll pumps play a background role in one’s life and you may not even know that you are making use of one. Did you know that the travel and aerospace industry relies heavily on scroll pumps and without them, this multi-billion dollar industry would be completely immobilized? 

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What Is A Scroll Pump?

Simply put, a scroll pump is a device that is used to compress air or refrigerant. Ideally, scroll pumps work when two orbiting scroll plates are used to compress gas inside the scroll channels. Scroll pumps do not use oil and this makes them very safe because oil can leak and spill and as a result can destroy the vacuum system. 

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Where Are Scroll Pumps Used? 

Scroll pumps are used in very many applications including the medical industry, transportation, residential air conditioning, and heat pump applications among others. In this article, we discuss how scroll pumps provide ease in the travel industry. 

How Do Scroll Pumps Facilitate Travel?

  • Scroll Pumps Help with The Navigation of Airplanes

Scroll pumps have been in use since the beginning of the 20th century. Even though sophisticated technology has come up such as the use of glass panels, vacuum pumps are still being used in piston power airplanes. In new and modern airplanes, vacuum pumps are used as power backup. Since they act as backup, they are rarely serviced or replaced and most of the time engineers and aircraft operators pay attention to them when they fail. It is very important to service scroll pumps regularly instead of waiting until they fail. Privacy is there for you to provide the right support when you need it.  

As the aerospace industry continues to grow, the leading aerospace companies will require state-of-the-art pneumatic solutions that can withstand even the most difficult requirements. Scroll technology for aerospace helps in navigating the systems and this keeps the world moving. 

  • Food Preservation in Restaurants

Food is the heart of the tourism industry. People travel far and wide in pursuit of the enjoyment of food and drink experiences. However, food perishability is very significant in the tourism sector. Food, especially vegetables and meat must be stored properly since they are highly perishable.

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The use of vacuum packaging in the hotel industry. 

Vacuum packaging enables perishable foods to be stored for a long time. This is because when food is exposed to air, it oxidizes and goes bad in a short time. However, with vacuum pump technology, food is protected from oxidation, germs, chemicals, and rust.  

When food is kept fresher and cleaner for longer, hotels and restaurants can save on costs and also avoid court cases that arise from food contamination. 

Scroll pumps also lower the use of electricity while still delivering high pumping power. This is a plus, especially for restaurants looking to save on costs and fully recover and go back to their pre covid state. 

  • Wildlife Protection

When you hear the word ‘wildlife’ the first picture that comes to your mind is animals, right? But did you know that wildlife includes the flora and fauna that lives in various ecosystems including deserts, oceans, national parks, and forests? Wildlife plays a key role in the economy and this is why it must be protected at all costs. 

The use of vacuum-based pumps in light aircraft that are used to transverse the massive jungles and forests has gone a long way in ensuring that wildlife is safe from unregulated hunting. Thanks to scroll pump technology, forest guards can ensure that future generations will see wildlife including endangered species still thriving in their natural habitat. 

One great advantage of using scroll pumps is that they do not contain hydrocarbons. They are completely dry and oil-free and therefore very safe for the environment. They are also very quiet and operate with minimal vibration and this makes the light aircraft very comfortable.

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