How to check if your girl has a profile on dating services while being in a relationship with you?

How’s the romance going? When you’re in the early stages of a relationship or when things have felt strained in your seemingly perfect long-term romance, you wonder if your girl is happy. Does she imagine growing old with you, or is she passing the time until she finds the next boyfriend? Don’t hold on to a girl who’s insincere, but give her space to be herself and have her own friends. But there’s a large difference between having her own online life and setting up her next relationship while actively using you! It’s possible to use Internet tools and mobile apps to see if your girlfriend is seeing someone new or, at least, flirting with other people online.

  1. Look for photo matches in Google Images search

If she’s hoping a better suitor will come along, check to see if she uses Facebook or Instagram photos for online dating profiles. It takes a few minutes to create a profile on the apps you first used to meet her and see if her picture is featured under local women within her age group. Search an image in Google Images, which involves uploading a picture or copying and pasting it from your computer or mobile device into the search box. You should quickly see where this image exists on the Web. 

  1. Checking for name matches in Google

There are two efficient ways to use Google Search. First, use the search engine to locate posts on social networks using her first and last names. For example, she might be using “Anna Smith” on Facebook for dating. Second, use her usernames from Instagram, email accounts, and past dating profiles to see if she has new profiles on whatever website or service she could’ve used at whatever particular niche you can imagine her in. You might also find her tagged in posts online from other users uploading to Facebook and Instagram. While this feels slightly creepy, it’s a passive way to use the search engine for additional information. Many people who are cheating or thinking about cheating don’t mind getting caught.

  1. Get her email and check for messages from dating services

Use the log-in to her email account and see if she receives alerts about messages and profile views from dating apps. It’s hard to access these credentials without seeming suspicious, but she might leave the information on a Post-It note or saved on her computer desktop. Tracking a person’s behavior is not the same as tracking a parcel, so use private mode and log off all accounts once you used them. It is a serious breach of privacy, but if you suspect cheating, then your actions will be somewhat justifiable.

  1. SMS/ Dating apps to her phone/tablet/pc

We warn you, it is another strong privacy breach! Wait until she leaves her phone or tablet/PC logged in, and goes to the bathroom to see if she has any messaging apps (or SMS) or dating apps on the main screen. Sometimes, apps can be nested inside a different category. Also, she might have alerts pop up on her mobile device. You shouldn’t confront her about what you find until there are several clues that she’s having private conversations on social apps. For example, she might conduct video chats on WhatsApp, but be sure they aren’t for business, family, or former classmates.

Moving Forward

Feeling anxiety about a romantic partner’s loyalty and possible cheating behaviors is normal. However, persistent signs that you can’t trust her are bad. If she pays attention to you, keeps her word, and spends time with you, she’s trustworthy. If she gets more distant, is more unavailable than usual, or refuses romantic overtures, there could be a problem. Sometimes, women use social apps to find friendly connections when they’re lonely, but they don’t intend to cheat on their partner. Just because she’s talking to any man or woman you don’t know doesn’t mean she wants to date them. A simple conversation about boundaries could solve your problems much better than tracking her behavior online.