How To Do The Perfect BBQ At Home

Face it, most of us aren’t great at grilling. In the event that we aren’t cremating…

Face it, most of us aren’t great at grilling. In the event that we aren’t cremating sausages, we’re most likely poisoning our loved ones. Isn’t it strange how we choose to cook something that requires a lot of concentration on days when we just want to relax?

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A special place in your friends’ hearts will be yours if you can master the art of cooking over fire. The whole family is coming over for lunch, so you’re looking for a simple and delicious menu to put together?


The following are our top tips for making the best bbq at home. You’ll be the coolest guy next to a screamin’ heat source with these on a scorching day. It’s grilling season, so get your grill on.

  1. Prepare Your Ingredients In Advance If Possible

Whether you’re cooking chicken, meat, or fish, it’s best to plan ahead and let them thaw overnight in separate bowls in the fridge. Begin by cutting them to your desired length. This is the best way to cook a bbq.

  1. Invest In The Best Equipment Possible

We’ve all dropped a sausage or flipped a burger over the edge of the grill by mistake. It’s best to stock up on some quality fish slices, glass soda bottles for your guests, a thick pair of oven mitts, an old cardboard perfume box to keep grilling equipment organized, and perhaps even a fish grill (we have no idea what these clamp/clip/basket things are called). 


With a good pair of tongs and a perfect air bellows for barbecue by some reputable PTFE bellows manufacturer, you’ll have better control and fewer items falling between the grills. This is a must-have piece of equipment.

  1. Marinate Your Meat In Advance

In order to have a great barbecue, you must marinate and season your food. If you want juicy and tender grilled chicken, steak, and other types of meat, this is the best way to do it. Use Meat Tenderizer in Worcestershire sauce and otherwise BBQ sauce in the best bbq sauce packaging

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with Honey flavor is something we highly recommend. 


The Tenderizer’s powder will help to penetrate and enhance the flavor of the meat. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite vegetables to your barbecue; they’ll make it even more delicious! Try this marinade for grilled chicken or the mushroom sauce for steak.

  1. Organize Cubed Meat As Well As Chicken

Make sure your meat and chicken are thoroughly marinated before patting them dry with an absorbent paper and then alternating them with sliced vegetables like mushrooms, colored bell peppers, and even eggplants!

  1. Your Grill Needs A Good Cleaning

Regardless of whether you’re using an electric, gas, or charcoal grill, thoroughly clean the wire rack before using it. Before you fire up the grill, keep these BBQ tips in mind. You can prevent food from sticking by rubbing it with oil. Place the skewers on a preheated grill.

  1. Fire Up The Grill And Get Things Going!

The grilling part is the best part, so don’t overcrowd your grill. For example, if you’re grilling chicken and meat at the same time, separate your skewers. If you don’t want to lose the juices, don’t turn them over too much! 


It’s a good idea to keep the steak at room temperature before starting the grill. It will take you longer to cook the steak to perfection if it is cold. Be aware that grilling meat for an extended period of time will result in tougher cuts of meat. There is a difference between a cold steak and a hot steak, so don’t grill a cold steak!

  1. Serve The Food Steaming Hot

Keep your grilled food warm by placing it in bread loaves as soon as you remove it from the grill. You can serve it alongside your side dishes, like potato chips or salads, making it the ideal presentation for the barbecue. Use the BBQ Original Sauce as a dipping sauce and enjoy!

  1. Burgers Can Be Made At Home

In our opinion, homemade burgers are superior to store-bought ones. Simply adding salt and pepper and using high-quality meat will make them better than anything you can buy in a store. Get some minced flank or chuck from your butcher, and you’ll get juicy, flavorful burgers regardless of whether you like them pink in the midpoint or cooked all the way through. Gennaro’s recipe is a cracker.

  1. Grilling Fish Is A Great Way 

What’s the reason why people forget about fish? Smoked salmon is a great example of a fish and smoke pairing. Take a whole trout or a salmon side, add some oak chips to the pan, and cook like the caveman you’ve always known yourself to be. Slice a whole fish open and stuff it with lemon, dill, and pepper if you’re feeling fancy. Try this grilled trout wrapped in the newspaper instead.

  1. Be Careful Not To Spoil The Vegetables

Although barbecues are an excuse for everyone to turn into carnivores, fire can also do amazing things to vegetables if you know how to use it correctly. The charing along the bars is what you’re going for; it looks stunning and tastes even better. 

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So, thinly slice and grill right away, with no oil or seasonings needed at all. You can add a bit of vinegar and olive oil to the vegetables after they’ve been cooked, like in this recipe for grits. 


There you have it, our top tips and tricks for a perfect backyard barbecue. That’s what we’re hoping for! Do you have any other ideas or special recipes for a barbecue that you’d like to share?

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