How to package your products for eCommerce

E-commerce uses one method majorly when it comes to selling products. And that method is more…

E-commerce uses one method majorly when it comes to selling products. And that method is more like provoking customer’s sensory experience. People will buy what they see. So, the packaging is a crucial part in terms of selling products. Therefore, an e-commerce enthusiast must pay attention to packaging. Now you might be wondering how to package your products for e-commerce. Here in this article, you will hopefully get the answer right.

How to package your products for eCommerce

Using the package that fits the products

Your packaging should be able to do more with less. Yes, you heard it right! It merely means you need to cut off the extra length of packaging. Do not design the packing much larger than the product. It should be compact yet meaningful. Remember, the online product doesn’t require a hanging tab, so it’s just a waste to add it. Also, did you know that reducing the size can save your dimensional shipping charge? So, think twice before making the package extra-large.

Suppose you’re starting a T-shirt business. Besides leveraging social media, you can use your packaging design to promote your products. If you’re targeting eco-conscious consumers, a paper wrapper or kraft mailer may be better than a cardboard box. It’s cheaper and more eco-friendly since it uses less material. With a box, you’ll have to use packaging fillers, which generate more waste. Buyers are unlikely to keep the boxes. Some discard them right away after opening

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Replacing rigid packaging with a flexible one

It does not always have to be a box or heavy plastic bottles. These things add weights and a little bit uncomfortable to open. Instead, you may look for pouches for liquids. The idea of using a courier bag or mailer rather than a box is impressive too. On the front part of the courier bag, you may imprint a – Thank You Note.

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It is worth mentioning that consumers support less packaging rather than bulkier packaging. In fact, 32% percent of Americans invest in a product that promises environment-friendly packaging. Nonetheless, you should switch to a less weighty and flexible packaging if you are currently relying on heavy boxes. Because it keeps the sopping cost low, reduces the size and waste. 

Making the first impression

Customers will think about their first impressions of the shipping container. So, you have to pay special attention to packaging. In this consideration, you may think of using compressed fivers from coconut or mushroom filament. Such biodegradable packaging will impress customers because it builds trust and sets the bar of your brand high. However, it might not be budget-friendly. Still, the first impression is essential, and it won’t come for free.  

Using fillers

You may add fillers to lift the quality to the next level. Here you can use Styrofoam packing peanuts, air pillows, bubble wrap, or foam inserts. Though popping bubble wrap sounds fun, it is not the best choice to provide a premium feel. Crinkle papers and wood fibers are elevated fillers for many renowned companies.

Using clipping path service on the package

You may make the use of fantastic clipping path services available on various web pages. Using a clipping path service, you can make a self-projection of the product you are selling. It attracts attention and lets the customer know what is inside. This service can make anything look fabulous, so why not try it?

Creating a memorable unboxing experience

You can add excitement to the unboxing process. For example – adding colorful tissues, coupons, bonus gifts with samples can retain the value of the product you are selling. Customers notice how much effort you have put into packaging the product. Therefore, simple decorations can even attract more people than you think.  

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Lastly, your packaging should be too nice to throw away. Remember, the packaging does not just cover the product; it is also a sort of advertising for your company. It showcases what you think, represents, and what you promise through the work. Things like embossed metallic stickers can add luxury to your packaging. Apart from this, we hope this article has helped you solve how to package your products for e-commerce. 


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