How to schedule your college student auto transport

We see an increase in student car shipping to college every August. We provide some great advice about how to do it. There are very few guarantees and certainties in car shipping. It isn’t like shipping a parcel. You can’t overnight it. Car shipping involves many variables and is more complex.


Do you need college student auto transport?

Why would you ship a vehicle from one college to another when you can drive it? It turns out that student auto transport makes more sense than the other options. Here’s why.

  • Quality Time – When you send your child to college for the first time, are you really going to want to take them in separate vehicles? It’s a great way to share the car with your kid and have some quality time before you move to separate places.
  • Flexibility. Maybe the trip to college is a last extended adventure. The college student car transport service will take care of the logistics.
  • Mobility. College student arrives at school to realize that he/she needs more than just a bike for transportation. Although their car is still at home, there are no easy ways to transport it to school. The car shipping advice in this article will make it easy for students to move their vehicles around campus.

Car Shipping Information – Scheduling In Three Steps

  1. Calculate the date that the student will arrive at campus. Add one day for the vehicle to be received. Do you really want to meet a car delivery driver the day after you move into your dorm room? Nobody. Too much else going on. Why stress out about it? Add one day. Assuming that the student isn’t going to want the vehicle to take them to school, it would be a mistake to assume that there won’t be anyone who will pay for the driver. 
  2. Find the distance to be taken by college student car transport from the point of origin, usually home, to the destination university. Let’s suppose it’s 2,300. It turns out that car shipping drivers can’t drive more than 500 miles per day according to DOT rules. These rules are strictly enforced to protect everyone’s safety. The driver must stay on the road for at least five consecutive days. It is therefore not wise to make your student’s vehicle available earlier than five days before the vehicle can be received. 
  3. Because it takes five days to transit a car, four days before leaving is the best choice. The day after arriving is good too. The earliest possible date for receipt. 

Sipping issues presents a problem for college students, parents, and even their grandparents. Other vehicles should also be shipping within close proximity to the origin and destination. It doesn’t happen every single day. It is more common to occur within one week when both the destination area and the origination are in well-populated areas. Because there is less truck traffic, college student auto transport can be slowed down if one of the destinations is far from home. Even under ideal circumstances, this could mean that the student will not have a vehicle for at least a few days, or possibly even over a week.

Nobody can accurately predict car shipping dates. The carrier that will transport your college student’s vehicle is unknown at the time the order is placed. It is also uncertain if it will be assigned a driver on the first, third, or fifth day. There are no guarantees on probabilities. All we know is the probability.

Can it be faster?

With the right car shipping advice, yes. The standard rate, which is the most affordable, is sufficient for most people. Their vehicles are assigned a carrier within 1-7 business days and over 80% of the time. This rate offers the best car shipping deal, especially for those with a limited budget. However, most people are happy to wait a few more days. High percentages of cars can be shipped within two days and at a much lower rate. By selecting the Expedited rate, your chances of success increase to 85%, and the shipping time is reduced to only four days. The Expedited Rate can be a great option for parents who are stressed about car shipping. Some people aren’t willing to take the time and select the Rush Rate. Van Halen said that if there is a car in the vicinity of the origination heading to the destination, then jump! The odds of success are 90% higher and it only takes 1-2 days to assign a driver. While none of these things are guaranteed, they are extremely likely.

Advice for College Students’ Parents on Car Shipping

Most college campuses have an efficient mass transportation system. College students love it. They often make friends and meet new people in the process. So While your college student waits for his or her vehicle to arrive, he/or she can hopefully make the most of it. Sometimes even small inconveniences can prove to be blessings. Paul McCartney introduced John Lennon, George Harrison, on a bus. That worked well. The kids learn to be independent and make do. Your kid is loved by you, we get it. However, just take a deep breath and trust that all will be well in the end.


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