How to Use an Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker to Optimize Your Listings

There are a few things you should be aware of before beginning if you want to be a standout starting seller on Amazon. One of these things is the Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker. A tool for tracking keyword rankings over time is the Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker. See which keywords are affecting your listings and those of your competitors by conducting a reverse search on a set of ASINs to see previous keyword performance. So, here let’s know how to use an Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker.

What is Amazon SEO and why does it matter?

Because more customers locate and purchase your products when you rank higher in Amazon search results, you can frequently increase your sales. Amazon SEO focuses on improving or upgrading your product listings to elevate them in search results on Amazon.

Optimizing your product listings for Amazon’s ranking algorithm is known as Amazon SEO. These enhancements include things like adding keywords (or search terms) to a product listing’s headline, setting reasonable prices, incorporating excellent photos, and more.

Using its ranking system, Amazon evaluates which product listings are pertinent to a user’s search. This algorithm considers a number of variables, including ones that are related to user behavior, such as whether someone who conducted the same search as you did end up purchasing the item. Amazon search engine optimization is essential if your business wants to show up first for queries related to your product. 

What is Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker?

Any search that needs to be done must begin with a keyword. The same applies to Google, YouTube, and Amazon. Regardless of the platform, search engine optimization is first and foremost about comprehending the question.

By using keyword tracking, you can prevent losing sales for your most important phrases. You may choose the best pricing and PPC approach by using tracking to achieve the top position for your keywords. See below how to use an Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker.

Why Is Tracking Keyword Rankings Important?

Being on page 1 for your top keywords is crucial since, as we all know, top rankings are essential for soaring Amazon sales and earnings. In order to maintain and enhance your listings, you must continuously be aware of where they stand for their most crucial keywords. Zontracker by ZonBase is the best option If you want software that integrates Amazon and other driving-traffic tools.

Zontracker is the first and only completely automated solution designed to track your Amazon sales. Your time is saved by its efficiency. You can obtain sales links with the aid of Zontracker in a number of methods. You will be able to track your earnings, analytics, competitive analysis, and in-demand keywords with the help of many more columns and divisions.

Zontracker guarantees flawless integration with Amazon as well as conversion tracking from your landing sites and outside initiatives. It is unquestionably a superior option to other default Facebook ads managers because it offers users who are currently operating an Amazon business more functionality and integrations.

It also helps you increase your sales velocity and organic rankings on Amazon by assisting merchants in getting more sales and information to better manage their campaigns.

How To Use an Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker:

You might wish to monitor your product’s ranking after selecting the most pertinent keywords in order to further enhance your listings. ZonTracker can assist you with the time-consuming chore of monitoring your product or keyword rank. You can use this tool to examine the ranks of a group of keywords and watch how these rankings change over time rather than wasting your time. See below how to use an Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker…

  • First, sign into your ZonBase account and choose “ZonTracker” from the list of options.
  • Go to Amazon, conduct a search for your product or a product of a rival, and note the ASIN/URL.
  • Return to the ZonTracker tool and choose a marketplace by clicking the “Add product” button.
  • Enter the keywords or keyphrases you want to track after pasting the Product ASIN. Simply separate numerous keywords or key phrases with commas if you want to track them. Click “save” after that.
  • Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the entry to track a product ASIN you have added.
  • You can examine the monthly search volume and current rank for any term using the tool, which delivers your results in a matter of seconds.
  • You may determine a product’s rank and monitor the effectiveness of your keywords with this tool. Tracking your keywords using ZonTracker is the best approach to keep your rankings steady.

How To Optimize Your Amazon Listing:

Listing optimization involves enhancing the look of your product listings to boost sales. It’s crucial to optimize your Amazon listings so that they appear as high in search results as possible if you want to be a successful seller. See below how to optimize your Amazon listing…

Product Title:

One of the key pieces of information that search engines like Amazon and Amazon utilize to determine how relevant a detail page is to a customer search is the product title or product name. On Amazon, product titles can have up to 250 characters.

Product Description:

You should explain to your audience why your product is superior to competitors in the product description. Explain all of your product’s features as well as any new ones or added benefits in this area.

Product Features: 

You must concentrate on your main product features, often known as bullet points, after developing an optimal title. By describing the uses and advantages of your product, you should persuade potential clients in this section of the listing.


One of the key elements in optimization is the use of keywords. Knowing what relevant keywords you are aiming for when making listings is crucial because abusing keywords is a regular error made by Amazon sellers.

Product Images 

You were permitted nine product photographs, including a featured image, in your listing. Use this and add as many high-resolution photographs with a minimum size of 1,000 × 500 pixels as you can.


ZonBase is the top Amazon listing optimization service. This includes a range of optimization tools, such as Listify and ZonTracker, which track the top keyword ranks. With the help of our Listing Optimizer service, you can simply delegate the complete optimization task to our team of Amazon experts, who will utilize data-driven keywords to increase your exposure and boost your conversions.