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Scam alert!!! HUAWEI-1312-KL10

Don’t believe on Bestbuy Huawei P30 Pro with RM5 that is being spread on Facebook. It seems to be a scammer on the topic of war between USA and China Huawei.
According to the term that has read BestBuy through lucky draw, it is considered as a game, and the condition has been stated that if you successfully pay with the content information sent, the goods will be sent by post within 2 days if you win. The written condition is also considered as membership, and the membership is for 3 days, if you don’t cancel the membership in those 3 days, you will be charged for membership every 30 days with a membership price of RM90 until you successfully cancel the account the n.
The newspaper company that has reported the news has made a report on this matter as well today, so don’t believe in the bestbuy Huawei P30 Pro with the price of RM5.
A scam that has been reported to Facebook so the title is not posted again on scam issue.
Jangan percaya atas bestbuy huawei P30 pro dengan RM5 yang diserbakan di facebook.Ia merupa satu scammer atas tajuk topic perang USA dengan China huawei.
Atas term yang telah baca bestbuy atas cara luckydraw ia dianggap secara permainan,dan syarat telah diyatakan bahawa jika berjaya bayar dengan maklumat isi yang dihantarkan,barangan akan dihantar dengan pos dalam 2hari jika menang.syarat tertulis juga ia anggap sebagai membership,dan membership cuba untuk 3hari,jika anda tidak cancel membership dalam 3 hari tersebut,anda akan dikena charge membership setiap 30 hari dengan harga membership RM90 sehingga anda berjaya cancel akaun tersebut.
Syarikat surat khabar yang telah lapor berita tersebut telah buat laporan dengan perkara ini adalah satu scam juga hari ini,supaya jangan percaya dengan bestbuy huawei P30 pro dengan harga rm5.
Scam yang telah laporkan kepada facebook supaya tajuk tidak disiaran lagi atas isu scam.


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