Moving Bulky Cargo Safely and Speedily Through Air Charter Services

When choosing a shipping method, you have to consider three key variables: the size and type…

When choosing a shipping method, you have to consider three key variables: the size and type of your cargo and the time your customer or recipient expects to get it.

If you are sending items that are valuable, bulky or oversized, heavy, time- and temperature-sensitive, and need to reach its destination in the shortest time possible, an air cargo charter is your best option.

Air cargo charter companies have a variety of aircraft that can accommodate all types and sizes of shipments. They also have trained logisticians and crew that can arrange everything from packing and pickup to delivery of anything you need to ship to nearly anywhere in the world.

Providers of this solution can customize their service to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and within the expected period.


Unit Load Device

When shipping large cargo or numerous goods by air charter, you’ll need to use a unit load device (ULD) to keep your valuable items safe and secure while they are in transit.

ULDs are special devices used in air shipping to store, protect, and load cargo, baggage, mail, and other items.

There are three main types of ULDs:


  1. Containers

ULD containers, also called ‘cans’ or ‘pods,’ are closed units made of aluminum or a combination of aluminum, polycarbonate sheets, and cargo nets.

These containers are designed so that they can fit perfectly in the cargo hold of the plane or inside the aircraft itself.

Unlike standard ocean cargo containers, ULD containers have specific, and sometimes unusual, dimensions so that they can fit in nearly all types of aircraft. They have strangely angled sides to maximize the allotted space in the bottom on commercial airplanes.

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  1. Pallets

Pallets are another type of ULD used for air cargo.

However, ULD pallets differ from regular wooden shipping pallets used in warehouses.

Special requirements and steps have to be followed when loading and unloading cargo to and from the aircraft. Wooden pallets are not suitable for these processes.

ULD pallets are made of metal and thus, can satisfy set requirements and processes.

Moreover, their design makes it easy for the aircraft staff to secure them to the cargo hold thoroughly.


  1. Lower deck containers

Cargoes that have to be stored below the cabin are best placed inside lower deck containers.

Lower deck containers are used mainly in wide-body aircraft. However, they can also sometimes be used in narrow-body planes.

This type of ULD makes it easy for the involved personnel to handle all shipped cargoes.

In general, commercial planes and air charter companies own and control the use of ULDs. As such, your service provider will provide these for you when you ship your cargo with them.


Reasons to Use ULDs

Custom-designed ULDs are built to meet the requirements of air cargo shipment. They offer structural durability, maximum volume and payload, and ease of use.

Well-designed ULDs have solid and robust frame structures made with durable yet lightweight materials that can handle harsh temperatures and environments.

Their materials and construction make them resistant to bumps and knocks.

ULDs are also designed to last. When wear and tear do occur, they can be repaired by experts.

Additionally, ULDs are made of sustainable and recyclable raw materials that minimize waste. They are economically sound to produce as well.

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Lastly, high-quality ULDs are easy to use.


Types of Cargo That Can be Shipped by Air

The main types of cargo that can be transported by air are special and general goods.

Special cargoes include:

  • Unusually shaped or over-dimensional, bulky, and heavy items
  • Medical, dental, and aesthetic equipment parts and accessories
  • Spare parts for different types of vehicles
  • Artwork and other luxury products
  • Products that are temperature-sensitive products or with a short shelf-life
  • Medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products
  • Live animals
  • Plants
  • Human tissue samples and organs for transplant

You can also ship dangerous goods, such as flammable solids and liquids, radioactive materials, and toxic substances, by air. However, these are subject to stringent procedures and safety precautions.

Additionally, if you have these items shipped by air, you will likely be asked to provide additional details and documentation, such as the packing group number, registrant information, and permits for transportation.

On the other hand, general cargo covers machinery, hardware, electronics, and other consumer and retail goods. You can also ship toys, clothing, and textiles by air.


Faster Delivery

If timing is an important consideration for shipping your cargo, you should strongly consider using an air charter service.

Unlike regular air and ocean freight, chartered aircraft don’t need to follow a set schedule and can depart anytime as soon as they have the necessary permits.

All these factors ensure your cargo has a high chance of reaching its destination quickly.

Compared with ocean and land freight, there are fewer delays with air cargo charter. 

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And even if there are interruptions or hindrances with air shipping, they usually only take a few hours.

These delays can often last several days with ocean and land freight shipping.

With the right storage unit and air charter cargo service, you can ship anything safely anywhere in the shortest time possible.


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