How To Find List of USPS Postal Offices Location Near Me

How To Find List Of USPS Postal Offices Location Near Me?

The United States Postal Service which is also known as USPS is a service that provides Postal services in the United States. It has different offices all around the United States. And if you don’t have any idea which USPS Postal Office is nearest to your location, you can use USPS tools to track it. There are many such tools available. The USPS tool is specifically designed to help you find the USPS Postal Office near your location. It will not only help you find the nearest office but also provide other details such as its email address and timings.

Find a Postal Offices Location with USPS Tools

USPS tools make it easier to find USPS Postal Offices sitting at home. By using this tool you will be able to find the nearest located USPS Postal Offices, the time it opens, the time it closes, and the information about what services it provides. It will also help you find other USPS services such as stamps, passport services, and Self-Service Kiosks. This tool will help you to find all these service providers near you.

How to use this tool?

If you want to use this tool for locating USPS Postal Offices and their services near you, then follow these steps to use it correctly. 

  • First fill a form, where you will enter your address, city, state, or just your ZIP code.
  • You will find a dropdown list under ‘Location Types’. You can select the Post Office, Collection Box, or any service that you want to locate.
  • Within the dropdown, you can select the radius of your search from 5 to 100 miles.
  • Click on “show filters” and filter the search according to your specific needs.
  • Click on “Search” and a list of all the USPS services located near you will be displayed. 
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What are the Features of USPS Post Office Locators? 

The best features of USPS Post Office Locators are;

  • It will help you find a post office near you 

With the USPS Post Office Locators, you can easily find the post office near you, and their details such as contact information. It will also suggest some alternative options for the USPS Post Office. And the premier feature of this tool is to give details about service timings of the Postal Offices as well.

  • It will help you find a collection box

This tool will also help you easily find the nearest drop-off location so you can send mails and posts. With this tool, you can easily find drop-off locations, addresses, and also its working timings. 


  • The tool will help you find the nearest USPS Self Service Kiosks

A self-service Kiosk is a machine that helps you avail of USPS services. The USPS Post Office Locator tool will also help you find the nearest Self-Service Kiosks, a list of services it provides, and contact details. It will also help you find the nearest stores and national retailers.


The USPS Post Office Locators tools have made it easier to find post offices and related services near you sitting at home. These tools are also very easy to use. By just entering your location you will get a complete list of post offices near you, their complete address, and contact details. Now, you can easily go to your nearest post office and receive your emails and posts. 


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