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There are multiple ways to find the Volvo VIN number, including the dashboard, warranty manual, vehicle registration, or using the central touch screen. It includes codes for the manufacturer, model year, and country of origin of the vehicle.

It is important to know the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your car! Also your license must be renewed in order to sell your vehicle, or you must find the right parts in order to repair your vehicle. 

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what those 17 letters and numbers mean! To help you decode your Volvo’s VIN, we’ve included a guide including where to locate it, what information it contains, and how to read it.

Volvo VIN Lookup

To avoid regrets and complaints, you should research the history of a used car before you buy it. One trusted source is the only way to access this information. Simply enter the VIN of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing to get detailed information about it. Enter your Volvo’s 17-character VIN.

It can be a great deal to buy a used car, but you should stay informed and be aware of potential dangers as well. You can use EpicVin Volvo VIN Decoder if you’re considering buying a used Volvo.

You should research the deal’s history after you’ve found it. No matter how honest the seller or how flawless the vehicle appears, verify all the information by looking up the VIN. You can save thousands of dollars in vehicle damage by using EpicVin Volvo VIN Decoder. Therefore, you will avoid spending money on a damaged vehicle.

VIN check for your Volvo

The 17 digits of your Volvo’s VIN tell a story about where, when, and why your Volvo was built.

Below are the locations where Volvo VINs can be found:

  • Proof of insurance
  • Registering and titling your vehicle
  • On the driver’s side of your dashboard, you’ll find a sticker or metal tag
  • A sticker along the driver’s side doorjamb
  • On the engine
  • The steering wheel

   If your Volvo has a 9″ Sensus touchscreen, you can also find your VIN by selecting “System” under the “Settings” menu.

A step-by-step guide to decoding Volvo VINs

There are 17 coded digits in your VIN that represent all the important history and unique features of your vehicle. What do they really mean?

The use of VINs began in the United States in the 1950s. VINs were standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 1981; no matter the model, make, or country of origin, the 17 digits are the same. 

In VINs, each digit (0-9) is used, but three letters are not used, since 1, 0, and 9 are too similar. Consequently, VINs do not contain these three letters. 

First digit: country of origin

The first three digits of any VIN represent the vehicle’s identity. Those are the world manufacturer identifiers (WMIs).

Cars are manufactured in countries indicated by the first number. Your Volvo is manufactured in Sweden or Belgium if it has a Y, but it is made in Canada if it has a 2.

Digit 2-3: Details about the manufacturer

You can find out the manufacturer of a vehicle by looking at the next two digits. In most cases, the third digit indicates the type of vehicle. Volvo cars have simple numbers: V for Volvo, 1 for passenger car. 

Digit 4-8: Information specific to the vehicle

It gets a little complicated after the first five digits. Here you can find information about your Volvo’s body type, engine and transmission specifications, and safety features. You will be able to determine the model and trim of your Volvo by these digits.

Digit 9: VIN verification

The 9th digit is added as a “check digit” to prevent people from creating fake VINs.

Digit 10: model year

A manufacturer sometimes has to re-use digits in the numbering system to indicate the model year. Volvo, for example, restarted its model year code in 2010 at A.


Digit 11: Plant for assembly

VINs are used by car manufacturers to identify the factory where each Volvo is manufactured. Among Volvo’s assembly plants are those in Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Digit 12-17: Serial number of the vehicle

A VIN’s serial number is composed of six digits at the end. For registration and legal purposes, each Volvo is identified by this sequence of digits.

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EpicVin Volvo VIN History Report

Decoding a Volvo VIN number can help you determine a used car’s reliability. A Volvo VIN decoder can be used to obtain a car history report. By reading a report, you will be able to make informed choices about what you are purchasing. 

VIN numbers can provide you with many answers about a car you’re considering purchasing. The following questions will be answered:

  • Whether the odometer is showing real mileage
  • In the case of a rental or company car
  • Previously owned by how many people
  • Accidents and damage sustained if any

Use a Volvo VIN decoder if you are considering purchasing a Volvo.

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