Top Software in the Dating Sphere for Lesbian Women With tracking functions

Top Software in the Dating Sphere for Lesbian Women With tracking functions

Would it be an earth-shattering statement that dating is not easy? Probably not. Everyone understands the challenges of finding a reliable partner and, of course, the perils of being with someone looking to take advantage of your situation. But, it gets even more confusing when you are a member of the LGBTQ community and looking for a like-minded partner. Lesbians can share hundreds of sorry stories related to their dating experiences, but you can avoid becoming one of those statistics and try online dating apps to take charge of your dating game.

Choosing the Best APK Software to Get Started

Even though an increasingly large number of people are turning to their mobile devices and swiping away to meet queer singles, finding the best platform will continue to be a hassle. Of course, some options are obvious, like teenage lesbian dating sites designed to cater to the needs of lesbian girls seeking like-minded partners in their local areas. With its robust search filters, the site can help people find all types of Lesbos, including Femme, Butch, Athlete, Tomboy, and more. But, if you are solely looking for some APK software to get the hang of online

dating, here are some good options too:

  • LEX

This text-based app works quite efficiently for queer, transsexuals, non-conforming, and non-binary people. It checks every profile and has a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory behavior. The database is growing, and you can send ideas, comments, questions, and concerns through email. You can find ads there, which are quite informative but still mysterious. Nevertheless, it is a great place to start and dip your toes into the lesbian dating pool. 

  • OKCupid

This free-to-join dating app is available for download for lesbian dating. Although it serves straight people, lesbian dating is quite exciting because of several robust search filters. The database is large and allows you to connect with artistic, intellectual, and introverted people. The messaging features are useful but are limited to premium members only.

  • Hinge

It is one of many quality dating apps for queer users. It seems to work better than common swiping apps because of its diverse user base. The database is growing quickly and is easy to explore through search filters. You can find a long range of pronoun options. It even serves unicorn hunters and horny people alike. The only downside is that it is easy to download, but only premium members can enjoy unlimited matches. 

  • Tinder

It is one of the most popular dating apps currently available, and though people have negative experiences, most of them are quite happy with the level of service they get. For lesbian dating, it is just as impressive because it maintains a large LGBTQ+ user base. With several added pronouns, it seems to be a viable choice for most gay girls. You can choose from as many as 37 gender options and nine sexual orientations. You can also find a language translator to expand your dating circle. Moreover, it comes with several safety features for lesbian travelers in certain homophobic countries. 

  • Feeld

This hookup app for singles and couples is fast becoming popular. You can download it on Android devices free of cost. You get to choose from over 20 sexual and gender identities. The community seems to be very cooperative, with most users completely understanding fluidity and respecting boundaries. However, quite like many other apps, it glitches quite a lot, and many people also complain about cat-fishing being prevalent on this platform. Still, you should expect quality results because more than 45% of users on the app identify them as non-hetero.

  • Bumble

This APK software or dating app comes with various unique features. For starters, it comes with a 24-hour matching period, after which unused matches would vanish automatically. However, it allows backtracking, which is helpful in case you accidentally swipe left. 

There is a BFF feature as well that makes it easier to find friends in the LGBTQ+ community. There are also many gender pronouns available, so you can definitely find what you have been looking for. Just remember that you are likely to find straight people in your feed as it is not a niche dating site. 

  • Pure

For lesbians looking for anonymous hookups, it is hard to ignore what this APK software can do. It is among the least obnoxious hookup app you can find that works great for no-strings-attached relationships. You will never have to worry about receiving any mushy messages or crossed signals. Its artsy design and layout make it quite attractive and simple to use. Just bear in mind that it is not free of scammers, and most of the features are limited to premium users.

The fact of the matter is that you can find various APK software to download, but do not limit yourself to niche dating apps. If you proceed thoughtfully, you can make a regular dating app with straight people work in your favor. So, keep trying!



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