USPS Stamp

USPS Stamp WASHINGTON — With 2020 rapidly progressing, the U.S. Postal Service today announced many of the new Forever stamps and others to be published next year.
Since 1847, the Postal Service stamp business has celebrated the people, events, and social milestones different from the history of the United States. The 2020 stamp titles continue this rich culture. The stamp designs being shown today are introductory and subject to revision.
“These little works of art offer something for everyone involved in American history and culture,” said U.S. Postal Service Stamp Services current Executive Director William Gicker. “From famous figures such as golf legend Arnold Palmer and esteemed reporter Gwen Ifill to the cultural aspect of hip hop to a celebration of the great outdoors, this program is wide-ranging and adds to the history of our great nation as recorded through the U.S. stamp program.” Track USPS Parcel Live


USPS Stamp
USPS Stamp

Here’s a sneak peek USPS Stamp :

Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat stampLunar New Year: Year of the Rat






Buy Stamp

Made of Hearts stampMade of Hearts





Gwen Ifill stamp

Gwen Ifill






Let's Celebrate stamp

Let’s Celebrate!



Wild Orchids stamps

Wild Orchids


Arnold Palmer stamp

Arnold Palmer






Maine Statehood stamp

Maine Statehood



Contemporary Boutonniere stamp

Contemporary Boutonniere





Garden Corsage

Garden Corsage



Earth Day stamp

Earth Day





American Gardens stamps

American Gardens







Voices of the Harlem RenaissanceVoices of the Harlem Renaissance stamps















Enjoy the Great Outdoors stamps

Enjoy the Great Outdoors











Hip Hop stamps


Fruits & Vegetables stamps

Fruits & Vegetables

Hip Hop













Fruits & Vegetables stamps

Fruits & Vegetables


Thank You stamps

Thank You





19th Amendment: Women Vote stamp

19th Amendment: Women Vote






Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor stamp

Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor

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