What’s the definition of each package status?

USPS Tracking Alert Status It shows the latest package status during shipping. You may read to USPS status definition: Not Found / In Transit / Pick Up / Undelivered / Delivered / Alert / Expired. Given that the package situation is auto-judged by the software, it’s only for information source use.
Please Note Carriers. It is the info they insert into their database that we can get and give to you. But we are not liable in any way for your freight. In any case, if the system gives you the wrong package status, please don’t delay to contact us.
What's the definition of each package status?

USPS Tracking Alert Status

Not Found

The parcel is not found at this time, If needed, Verify with the packet sender and verify back later.

  1. The Courier hasn’t received your package yet.
  2. The Courier hasn’t scanned and recorded tracking data for your parcel yet.
  3. Your tracking number is wrong or invalid.
  4. The article was posted a long time ago, info not accessible anymore.

Generally, after the sender ships your Packet, it will be treated by the ship, then they scan and enter the tracking data. There might be a lag between these scanning results and tracking availability in their operation. Typically, it takes some days for processing. Therefore the tracking data may not look online quickly; please try to track after some time.

packagestatusintransit10In Transit

Item has shipped from originating country and is en route to its destination. General explanation

USPS Tracking Alert StatusPick Up

Item is out for delivery or arrived at local facility, you may schedule for delivery or pickup. Please be aware of the collection deadline. General explanation:


Item was attempted for delivery but failed, this may due to several reasons. Please contact the carrier for clarification. General explanation:

usps tracking alert statusDelivered

Item was delivered successfully to the addressee. General explanation:


Item might undergo unusual shipping condition, this may due to several reasons, most likely item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc. General explanation:

USPS Tracking Alert StatusExpired

Item was in the transportation period for a long time still has no delivered results. General explanation:


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