Where Can I Watch the Current Prices for Cryptocurrencies?

Crypto assets attract more and more people with their high volatility and the opportunity to make…

Crypto assets attract more and more people with their high volatility and the opportunity to make a profit in a short and long period. Crypto prices do not depend on governmental decisions or centralized banks. Cryptos are not issued under the state’s control or any other government establishment. So their prices fluctuate following the market trend and other factors. 

Here are some aspects impacting cryptocurrency rates:

  1. The market trend (bullish or bearish) is when people massively purchase or sell their crypto, affecting the entire market.
  2. Regulatory policy 
  3. Investor sentiment
  4. The balance of supply and demand, new market participants, and competitors 
  5. The emission of coins (or tokens)
  6. The overall situation in the global economy, crisis, etc. 
  7. And other factors.

Successful crypto trading means the ability to analyze cryptocurrency rates and foresee their following fluctuations. For that purpose, traders conduct these types of research:

  • Fundamental analysis (investigating the world’s situation, analyzing possible crisis, etc.)
  • Tech analysis (investigating the cryptocurrency price charts, finding historical indicators, patterns, etc.).
  • Quantitive analysis (data from two previous analyses is used for calculating the important indicators).

Where to Get the Current Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate?

To keep track of the crypto market, one may use the Coinmarketcap resource, which offers the ranking of crypto projects with their coins, and tokens, with indicated up-to-date prices, market capitalization, trade volume, charts, etc. If you want to start crypto trading, you can use the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. It is a legit service that operates under European jurisdiction and has over 2 million active clients. The platform complies with all the necessary rules to maintain stable and safe work for its clients. To access all the advanced trading tools and unlimited withdrawals, users need to pass KYC. On WhiteBIT, it usually takes just a couple of days.

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For more information on the WhiteBIT exchange, visit its official website. 

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