Create Fake Tracking Number Online

Create Fake Tracking Number Online You can create a fake tracking number with a parcel tracking website and use it as real.

Try: EV938507560CN, UQ252246764SG, BELBE0110325180YQ, EB033979713IT

But the problem is it expires sometimes and you can’t track it properly.

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Work? No.

What a tracking does is provide a key into a database. If there is information there, it can be retrieved. If there isn’t anything there at all, the information returned is “DOES NOT EXIST”. Period.

So, you make up a code and tell someone. They check and find out there is no such code. Ooops. Your scam victim didn’t fall for it and now they are pissed.

What you need to understand is that for the most part, a shipment tracking report does not say where the package is going. It just shows the progress along the route. So you send something to Aunt Sally in the same city and she just throws it away when she gets it.

Now you have a tracking number for your scam and can claim to your mark that you shipped their package to them. See, it is coming. Doesn’t say what is in it and doesn’t say where it is going.

You can keep this going for a while but eventually, they will figure out you didn’t ship it to them. This will happen long before the statute of limitations on theft runs out. So then you can explain to the police and in court what you thought you were doing that was so clever.

Think you’re not going to be caught? That’s right, most criminals get off 80% of the time. Only 20% of the time are you prosecuted and go to prison. But because everyone knows this, the penalties are just increased because they know you probably got away with it 4 for 5 times before.


Create Fake Tracking Number Online How to Track DHL Express Shipments using DHL Tracking Numbers - ELEXtensions
Create Fake Tracking Number Online