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Philpost Tracking – PHLPost, or the Philippine Postal Corporation, is a Philippines government venture.PHLPost has provided its services for more than 150 years since 1850.

PHLPost has a network of 10000+ rural post offices and 1500 in urban areas across the Philippines.PHLPost has its aircraft and vessels for the transportation of mail.

Here are some of the services that PHLPost offers:

  • Mail delivery
  • Parcel delivery
  • Money Transfer
  • Express delivery
  • Registered mail
  • Insurance for mail and parcels
  • PhilPost stamps

PHLPost is playing a very big role in delivering parcels in the Philippines.

Track your PHLPost with parcel tracking by entering your PHL tracking number in the above text box. With our tool, you can track 20 parcels at the same time and get a real-time live update.

Philpost Tracking
Philpost Tracking

Philpost Tracking Number

PHLPost tracking number is a unique code assigned to every parcel by PHL to track the live location of the parcel. It will use to track the parcel and deliver it to the right place.

PHLPost Tracking number starts with EX and finishes with PH, But it’s a combination of letters and numbers; some digit defines the parcel’s weight. For parcels under 2 kg, tracking numbers start with RX and finish with PH; for parcels with more than 2 KG weight, tracking numbers start with CX and end with PH.

Example of Philpost Tracking Number


Philpost National ID Tracking

Philpost National ID Tracking is a special service that helps you to track your PhilID card online. Your PhilID Transaction number is your tracking id, which is 29 digit number provided to you during the PhilID registration.

To Track your PhilID visit the Official website, or you can enter your tracking number in the above tracking number box and click on the track button. After that, you will see the exact date and time of your PhilID delivery, or you can also see the live location of your ID. In case you have any issue related to your PhilID, you can contact PHLPost customer service at (02) 8288-7678.

To track Philpost National ID, Please Follow these steps 

  1. Go to the PHLPost website.
  2. Click on the “Track PhilID” button.
  3. Enter your PhilID Transaction Number in the tracking field.
  4. Click on the “Track” button.
  5. You will then see the current status of your PhilID.

Here are some of the possible statuses of Philpost National ID Tracking:

  • Not Found: This means that your PhilID still requires to be mailed.
  • In Transit: Your PhilID is midway to your address.
  • Out for Delivery: Your PhilID is being dispatched to your address.
  • Delivered: This indicates that your PhilID has been delivered to your address.

If your PhilID has been delivered, but you have yet to receive it, you can contact PHLPost customer service to report a lost or stolen PhilID.

Philpost Tracking Contact Number

PHL Tracking Status

Dispatch to country of destination
Receive item at origin country gateway
Posting of item
Dispatch item to destination country
Receive at the country of destination
Enroute to the delivery office
The item for Customs examination
Enroute to the next office
Returned from Customs
Receive item at delivery office
Item delivered