Zip Code Philippines

The Philippines does not use 5-digit zip codes. Instead, the Philippines uses a 4-digit zip code system. The zip code is used to ensure the accuracy of delivery services. PhilPost and other mail services commonly use it to deliver postal mail.

The first two digits of the zip code represent the province, while the last two represent the city or municipality. For example, the zip code 1000 represents the city of Manila.

The zip code is optional, but PhilPost highly recommends it. If you send a parcel to the Philippines, including the zip code in the address is best. This will help to ensure that your parcel is delivered quickly and accurately.

4 Digit Zip Code Philippines

Here are some additional details related to the zip code

  • The Philippine Postal Corporation (PhlPost) is the government agency responsible for mail delivery in the Philippines.
  • PhlPost uses a 4-digit zip code system to speed up the process and ensure the accuracy of delivery services.
  • The zip code is optional, but PhlPost highly recommends it.
  • You can find a list of Philippine zip codes on the PhlPost website.


5 Digit Zip Code Philippines
Zip Code Philippines



List of Zip Codes Philippines

City Name Zip Code
Manila 1000 – 1011
Quezon City 1100-1128
Cebu 6033-6051
Bulcan 3012-3024


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