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What is TBA Tracking delivery?

Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s delivery service. If you see a tracking number starting with “TBA,” it’s being delivered by Amazon Logistics. After an order has shipped, you can track your packages on Amazon.com. From Your Orders, you can find tracking information in your order details.

Amazon Logistics Tracking

Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s delivery service. Orders shipped by Amazon Logistics will show as shipped by AMZL_US. If you see a tracking number starting with “TBA,” it’s being delivered by Amazon Logistics.

What Does Tracking Number Start With TBA?

TBA Full Form is Transport By Amazon

TBA stands for Transport By Amazon, their internal delivery system with drivers. Have you been a neighbor who contacted Amazon Customer Service directly to get more information, as details for TBA tracking numbers are unavailable outside the Amazon system? What’s the Amazon Logistics number look like? If your order is shipped from the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, it’s usually assigned to Amazon Logistics. And the tracking number starts with TBC, TBM, and TBA.

What is a TBA Tracking Number?

Tba Tracking Numbers – TBA normally stands for “To Be Announced” SUNDANCE 2018-05-16 16:49:02 UTC #3. TBA############ which is Amazon logistics which a buyer can not track

TBA Tracking Number Format Amazon, Tba Tracking Number eBay,

For example TBA619632698000, TBC038034537009, TBAONT500361196

Amazon Tracking Number TBA

Packages shipped in the US, Canada, and Mexico usually get assigned Amazon Logistics tracking numbers starting with TBA, TBM, and TBC. For example TBA619632698000, TBC038034537009, TBAONT500361196.

How to track my Amazon Logistics TBA package?

Amazon Logistics TBA package tracking is easy with Ordertracker; you must paste your tracking number in the above field to track a package or go to the track my package section. We provide the most powerful parcel tracking system for any post office. Order tracker accepts any international tracking number; it is a universal tracking website to track a parcel globally, such as “track my parcel” with accurate information about your shipment.

TBA Tracking - Amazon Logistics Tracking

How do you track your Amazon TBA package if you have a TBA tracking number?

If you still need to do so, download the Amazon tracking app, and you can then track from dispatch to delivery.

How do I track my Amazon TBA package?

Amazon Shipping and tracking numbers that are with TBA can be tracked by using this link: https://track.amazon.com/tracking/TBAXXXXXXXXX. The “x” is the tracking number. This works, thanks! You copy the link and replace the “x” with your TBA-specific number.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver TBA?

  • Standard USA – 4 to 14 days, upto 21 days
  • Expedited USA- 2 to 6 Working days
  • 2 Days USA – 2 Working days
  • 1 Day USA – 1 Working Day
  • International Option – 3 to 6 weeks up to 12 weeks
  • International Expedited Option – 3 to 7 working days

Amazon Tba Customer Service

Headquartered Address – South Lake Union, Seattle, USA
Registered office Europe – Amazon EU SARL., 5 Rue Plaetis, 2338 Luxembourg
Registered office France – Amazon, 67 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 92110 Clichy France
Customer Care Number – 1-888-280-4331 (24*7)

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Common Carrier Tracking InformationContact Information
UPSPhone: 1-800-742-5877
US Postal ServicePhone: 1-800-222-1811
AmazonVisit Deliveries Shipped with Amazon
FedExPhone: 1-800-463-3339
DHL ExpressPhone: 1-800-225-5345
Other Carrier Tracking InformationContact Information
ABF FreightPhone: 1-877-609-5681
AramexPhone: 1-718-553-8740
Aramex AustraliaPhone: Visit the Aramex Australia Courier Locator to find the local number
AsendiaPhone: N/A
Australia PostPhone: (within Australia) 13-POST-13-7678 / (outside of Australia) +61-3-8847-9045
CEVA LogisticsPhone: 1-844-215-0640
ChilexpressPhone: +56 2 2845 0712
CJ LogisticsPhone: +82-70-4992-7340 – (Mon~Fri 09:00~18:00, KST)
DeprisaPhone: (from Bogotá) 4051405 / (rest of country) 01 8000 519393
ECMS EXPRESSPhone: 1-855-266-9299
FidelitonePhone: 1-844-524-6320
GaashPhone: +972-072-260-8001
HanjinPhone: +82-1588-1612
i-parcelPhone: 1-800-782-7892
Israel Post (ILP)Phone: +972-076-887-1216
Innovel SolutionsPhone: 1-888-460-5404
Kerry eCommercePhone: (from Hong Kong) (+852) 3513 0786
Landmark GlobalPhone: 1-888-205-2251 (Toll-free)
LaserShipPhone: 1-804-414-2590
Lonestar OvernightPhone: 1-800-800-8984
Menlo Worldwide/UPS Supply Chain SolutionsPhone: 1-800-443-6379
NaqelPhone: +966920020505 (in SA) / 1- 800-246-4444
Ninja VanPhone: (+65) 6602 8271
NSDPhone: 1-833-744-7673
OnTracPhone: 1-800-334-5000
Parcel PoolPhone: 1-877-727-2354
Pasar ExpressPhone: (from Bogotá) 571 2916500 / (from Medellin) 574 6042828 / (From Cali) 572 4897575 / (rest of country) 01 8000 111 752
PilotPhone: 1-877-549-0160
Pitney BowesPhone: N/A
Royal MailPhone: +44 (0) 3457 740 740
ServientregaPhone: + 571 7700200
SF ExpressPhone: (from Hong Kong) (+852) 2730 0273 / (from Taiwan) (+886) 2 2192 6063
TForce Final Mile (formerly Dynamex)Phone: 1-855-396-2639 / (from Canada) 1-800-387-7787
XPO LogisticsPhone: 1-833-502-9774

Track Amazon Package

FAQ Related to Amazon TBA Tracking

How to Track Tba Shipments?

To Track TBA Shipments enter the tracking number on the above box and click on the track button

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What is Amazon Logistics Tracking Number?

Which parcel shipped in Mexico, Canada, US is normally assigned a tracking number starting with TBC, TBA, or TBM. Ex. TBC038025637009, TBAONT500351496, TBA619632598000.

How do I track my TBA shipment?

To track TBA Shipment, just enter the tracking number and click the tracking button, and your live parcel status will be on the screen.

What does TBA mean on Amazon tracking?

Transport By Amazon

What carrier does tracking start with TBA?

Amazon TBA Tracking

How late can Amazon deliver?

8 AM and 8 PM. Sometimes it’s maybe 10 PM