This is not the real tracking number, cs279003594de. This is a fake tracking number to scam people, Many people Report this number on social media and blogs “Beware of online delivery scams. I just received this text message about a delivery, of which I have a few! I clicked through and it was asking me to pay extra postage costs. Someone’s got my name & number”.
Dear Andrea, Ur delivery has been stopped at our depot today. #CS279003594DE.

Check Your Tracking Number – Parcel Tracking

It shows an order pending on any tracking website, and the scammer asks for money. We strongly appeal never pay anyone untrusted people online or never enter your personal details

online fake website

Here is some examples


Scammers are becoming more blatant and more active. Please be aware of scams.

Coming out of lockdown and getting nearer to Christmas with people spending to make up for lost time and Christmas, I have had many more attempts to get me to share my information with a scammer recently. I will give you two recent examples. So please be aware this is happening.



+61 451 783 739 I got the following:

Westpac: Your internet Banking services have been suspended pending device verification.


to update your details

I know banks don’t do this, and I am even more aware this is a scam; I have not had a Westpac bank account for years.

2. From

+61 403 744 342

Dear Owen, Ur delivery has been stopped at our depot today. #CS279003594DE.

Please resolve the issue here: Some Farud Link

I have received this message several times, looked up the supposed parcel number, and found that Australia Post is aware of it. Here.

On a website, someone wrote:

Received a text saying, “Dear Name. Ur delivery has been stopped at our depot.#CS279003594DE. Please resolve the issue here: [link].” When clicking the link, I was redirected to gold d*** games, where they said I needed to pay a shipping charge for an unspecified item and requested my address and card details.

Read More About it – Read




Several emails using our brand indicate that a package has failed to be delivered and that a confirmation of your address is requested. These fraudulent emails expose you to an attempted scam:

  • Parcel numbers #CS279003594DE, #INCS279003594DE, and 58412233520000 are fictitious.
  • The links included in this email take you to a page requesting payment.

Stay alert: Please do not respond to this request and do not follow the links contained in the emails and SMS under any circumstances.

DPD France will never ask you for additional payment to ensure the delivery of your parcels. DPD France expressly declines any liability resulting from any damage caused by such fraudulent practice.

Here are some examples of fraudulent e-mails: