Ajman Postal Code

Ajman Postal Code is 20550. It is the capital of the Emirates of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. It is the fifth most prominent city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain. The UAE does not contain any ZIP code. The towns here also do not use zip codes. They usually go by district and PO box.

zip code Of Ajman /Ajman Postal Code

Pincode : 20550
Address : Ajman
Country : United Arab Emirates

There is no Zip code/Postal code in the UAE. You can simply state N/A or 00000 where it is required to do so. UAE is using the MAKANI number where every building has its unique number. However, UAE has P.O. Box numbers and all postal orders can be delivered there. If you do not have a P.O. Box you can simply state the P.O. Box number of the Emirates Post office which is in your area.

Ajman Postal Code

UAE Zip Code – Dubai postal code is ‘’00000’’ as well as Dubai Zip Code is also ‘’00000’’ and the truth behind this number is equal. Now you can say if anybody wants to know regarding the Postal code of Dubai or Dubai Zip Code you’ll recommend him to write down five zeros as a symbolic effect.

dubai postcode / Dubai Zip Code

Like Dubai postal code, Dubai Zip Code is ‘’00000’’ and the fact behind this number is the same. So if anybody asks you the zip code of Dubai you can advise him to write five zeros as a symbolic effect.


  • Bur Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Bur Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira postal code: 00000
  • Abu hail postal code: 125212 (Pin code)
  • Al nahda postal code: 98623
  • Al nahda zip code: 98623

Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Dubai Central Post Office

Sharjah Zip Code

UAE Postal Code


PO Box Numbers Of UAE States

Dubai PO Box Number: 333388
Sharjah PO Box Number: 555588
Abu Dhabi PO Box Number: 111188
Al-Ain PO Box Number: 222288
Deira PO Box Number: 444488
Ajman PO Box Number: 666688
Umm Al Quwain PO Box Number: 777788
Fujairah PO Box Number: 888888
Ras Al Khaimah PO Box Number: 999988

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