In Transit Arriving Late

Here’s how to manage USPS packages that are stuck in transit and arriving late.

What Does the “In Transit Arriving Late” Tracking Update Mean?

As we spotlighted a moment ago, getting the “In Transit Arriving Late” tracking update just means that your USPS parcel has been delayed somewhere along with its travel and isn’t going to be delivered on time.

Parcel Tracking

In Transit Arriving Late
In Transit Arriving Late

For parcels that are being sent to addresses in the US, this usually indicates that a package is stuck somewhere in a USPS sorting station or a central delivery hub that reroutes millions of parcels all over the country every single day.

For packages sent overseas, this tracking update might also indicate that a parcel has been stuck in customs or at an overseas USPS facility.

At the end of the day, though, the message is pretty straightforward to decipher – something has gone bad, something has slowed down and postponed your package, but the parcel is still within the USPS warehouse and (hopefully) will start moving again soon.

Why Was My Package Delayed?

What Can I Do to Speed Things Up?

How Are Things Going to Unfold From Here?

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