A Guide to Shipping for International Students

A Guide to Shipping for International Students

Congratulations if you are a student and you got your international admission confirmed, now you must be looking forward to moving abroad this year. But for moving abroad the most significant task for students as a beginner is about moving their belongings overseas. Also, if we talk about the experience of living in a foreign country and studying at a foreign university that could be rewarding but one thing you must make sure of is that you must make the transition as smooth as possible. For example, your belongings are being delivered to your new home as quickly as possible just when you arrive. This would eventually help you settle quicker in a foreign land. If any of you want for themselves international shipping as a job, then you must study certain subjects like logistics, international trade, economics, analytics, etc. and for those subjects, you also must write down several research reports that can take much of your time. So, now you don’t have to worry about that as there are several online websites like a peachy essay which provide dissertation writing services in almost every field of academics. 

In this article, we will try our best to guide you guys about navigating international shipping as a student, and how to keep its costs down. Today it is easy to ship almost everything everywhere. As you can see there are many options when it comes to shipping options and companies, but the charges keep on adding up if you do not do your search properly. The reason we are talking about saving charges is that here we are talking about students as they already have study expenses, traveling loans, etc. so we will provide you here with the best tricks that would help you save a lot of money.

That being already said here are the best tricks for saving money on international shipping.

  • Select A Cost-Effective Service  

It’s always a good idea to reduce your shipping costs, especially when you’re a student without a huge amount of disposable income. If you ship frequently, it’s worth your time to investigate your options for shipping firms. Look for the cheapest firm, but make sure it has a decent reputation before entrusting your items to it.  Make sure to weigh the desire to bring goods that make you feel at home against the space that these items may consume in your shipping container.

Fortunately, there are methods to save money without giving up all your favorite possessions.

  • Consider leaving your biggest items

Part of you will want to move your complete room, including your desk, chair, and cupboards, to make your new home feel like your old one. Refrain from acting on that impulse and instead accept your new surroundings. It will be less expensive, less stressful, and will assist you in settling in faster.

  • Disassemble your furniture

If you absolutely must ship heavy items like a bed or a cabinet, make sure you disassemble them first before entrusting them to the pros. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, simply ask the movers to assist you. You’ll save money by taking up less space in the shipping container, and your belongings will be less likely to be damaged during transit.

  • Go for Hybrid Services

Hybrid services are limited in terms of weight, volume, and size; thus, they are not suitable for everyone. However, if you meet their criteria, you might wish to pursue hybrid services. They can be half the price of the same company’s usual shipping alternatives.

  • Select The Prepaid Shipping

People who choose prepaid shipping get unique rates from companies like UPS and FedEx. You can find deals with discounts ranging from 10% to 20%. This is how it goes: Instead of purchasing a label when you deliver the box, you purchase a greater quantity of mailing labels and attach them to subsequent packages as needed.

  • Use The Packaging Your Carrier Provides

Customers are frequently charged ‘dimensional fees’ when they utilize their packaging. While organizations may charge fees if your box exceeds their size restrictions, they may also offer packaging that is free of dimensional charges. These costs are not charged to shipping orders that use the carrier’s packaging in such instances.

  • Use The Benefits of Shared Shipping for Students

The greatest approach for students to save money on shipping is to share it with others by opting for a Less Than Container Load (LCL) option. Your things will be loaded into a container with those of other customers, and you will be charged for the space you consume – another good reason to leave your large stuff at home. As a student, you’re unlikely to fill a full 20-foot container, known as a Full Container Load (FCL), and opting for an LCL instead might save you hundreds of pounds.

  • Try To Get International Shipping Insurance

Yes, you should get international shipping insurance. Your belongings are highly unlikely to be lost at sea – it happens to just 0.006% of containers. However, if they’re misplaced or arrive damaged, an insurance policy will save you from having to replace all your possessions while also trying to settle into life in a new nation.


By reading all the above-mentioned instructions and tips you now have all the tools you need to ship your belongings quickly and safely to your new home, without breaking the bank. You’re well on your way to creating a home away from home without and stress of transitioning, this will help you to ensure that now you have all your time for studying abroad in your hand and you can spend it on studies as you want instead of taking stress about your shipments. These tips will allow you to save some money on your student’s budget. Step by step, you can save some cash to pay off your student debt. With such tricks, you can make your life much easier. Hopefully, you feel a bit more prepared now to dip your toes in international waters. 


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