Best 10 Moving Companies in Calgary

Choosing the top or the top moving firms in Calgary isn’t an easy feat in 2021. Since hundreds of companies within the vast ocean of the moving industry. This means that you are likely to choose one that is a “not so good” company. It is a result of poor service, serious accidents as well as late delivery times and so on.

Transferring from one place to another is not simple. It is essential to keep track and prepare in a multitude of ways. Additionally, your move isn’t likely to be successful without proper preparation and implementation. Therefore when you attempt to do it yourself the amateurs in your team will fail you. Additionally, if hiring someone who isn’t at par then you’ll again fall down.

In order to enjoy a stress-free move to Calgary, you must select the most reliable movers Calgary is an absolute must. A successful company plans and implements every step of a move. This means that you are able to concentrate on other areas of your daily life. In this lengthy article we’ll attempt to inform you of the top moving companies located in Calgary, Alberta.

Best Moving Companies in Calgary, Alberta

We scoured the top 10 moving companies in Calgary to add to our list. If you’re looking to find the most reliable moving company in Calgary This list is sure to help. But, we didn’t choose the names in this list by chance. Our team conducted extensive study to arrive at this list.

We chose all ten companies with a couple of factors in mind. Our ranking is largely based on the business:

  • Popularity
  • Costing
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Punctuality
  • Customers Review

The ranking is certainly not general. We are looking for the best for you. This is why we scrutinized each company and came up with ten top Calgary Moving companies to help you. Each of the ten companies is 100% dependable with a valid license and insurance.

  1. Calgary Movers Pro

Calgary Movers Pro is one of, if not the most reputable Calgary Moving Companies. They are extremely efficient with regards to client service and providing services. The company provides all types of local and long distance moving services. They offer commercial, office, residential piano, gun-safe pianos, appliances, and many more.

Calgary Movers Pro are the top spot because they tick all the boxes to be the best moving company in Calgary. Because of this, they’re arguably among the most well-known companies in Calgary with a reasonable price. Some businesses that are located in Calgary require at least three hours of labour , which is a cost of. Calgary Movers Pro charges for at least TWO hours. Medium-sized moves cost around $159 for an hour(3 men and 1 truck). That’s more than fair. Furthermore, they don’t charge for travel time to Calgary.

Furthermore, the business offers free consultation services that are available 24 hours a day for all the residents of Calgary. They offer different-sized(more than 25 total) trucks to handle every move. We read the customer reviews and found that almost all were pleased with their efficiency and punctuality. Furthermore, the company provides many different moving services. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of choices to pick from.

The company was founded in 1995 as a small company in Calgary. In 2021, they’ve got branches in Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, etc. Based on their knowledge of the moving industry, their professionalism as well as their cost and fame It is reasonable to say that Calgary Movers Pro is the top moving company in Calgary.


  • 100 certified and Trusted Company
  • There is no travel time within Calgary for local relocations
  • Service and rates that are reasonable upfront and affordable.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Free consultation and advice
  • A minimum of 2 hours for hiring


  • 30 minutes increments of 30 minutes

    2.Sparta Movers 

Sparta Movers is another example of a reputable moving business located in Calgary. It is among the most established moving companies within Calgary, Alberta. With the latest technology and skilled staff, Sparta movers deserve to be included on our list of.

Sparta Movers provide all sorts of moving services, which include storage services. They also offer Senior relocation house and office relocation packing and crafting and more. They also offer other services like removal of junk and gun-safe moves.

The price is affordable if you employ them to be an assistant to your move. For a residential move of a medium range, Sparta Movers charge around $190 for an hour, with a minimum of three hours(3 Movers 3 trucks). If you consider their excellent service, this price isn’t that significant. In addition, they don’t charge hidden charges. The best part is that they will charge you after three hours, the cost increase will be in just 15 minutes. In the end, you’ll be able to reduce your expenses.

Based on the feedback of their customers, Sparta Movers work tirelessly to complete their work. Because of this, clients continue to come back for their services repeatedly. This is why the company is among the top Movers in Calgary.


  • Competitive and reasonable market prices
  • Professional Movers
  • 15 minute increment of 15 minutes
  • A wide range of moving and storage services


  • A minimum of 3 hours for hiring

    3.Two Men and a Truck 

Two Men and A Truck is among the longest-running clients we have in our database. They began their journey in the 80s and never looked back. Two Men is among the most affordable local movers that we’ve reviewed also. Two Men as well as a Truck cost just $100 for moving with an additional moving company that is only twenty dollars an hour. With great service and a reasonable price they’re among the top moving companies in Calgary.

The business offers a variety of different storage and moving services. From local to long-distance office to apartment, two men provide everything. They also offer many community-related services each year. This makes the business very well-known in Calgary.

Two Men is among the most reliable moving companies in Calgary for local moves. But, you will have to pay for the time spent traveling in Calgary as well. Because of this, we see a variety of reviews online. Some customers were amazed to see their excellent service and others complained about their slow-speed and less-professionalism.

However, as everything is not perfect, think that two Men as well as a Truck would provide a price-for-value service to you.


  • The most affordable moving companies in Calgary
  • The oldest people living in Cowtown with a wealth of knowledge
  • A wide range of services
  • Many positive Google reviews


  • When it comes to speedy service, they’re lacking a bit
  • There are complaints about their professionalism

    4.Two small Mens With Big Hearts Moving Co. 

Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co. has been operating in the field of moving for over 30 years. They are the most experienced in their work. They have plenty of expertise. Because of this, clients are guaranteed to have the most pleasant moving experiences they’ve ever had. Their high-quality service ranks them among the top Movers in Calgary.

The services offered by two tiny men cover local, long-distance and residential commercial, business offices, rubbish removal and more. We cannot provide the precise details of the cost of their services. Since there are Two Small Men, costing is dependent on a variety of aspects. We can however provide an approximate estimate that for three Men and a truck the cost is approximately $200 for at least three hours.

Two Small Men offers their services across a variety of areas like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and more. The services are available at any of these locations. When it comes to feedback from customers, we have received mixed reviews. A few customers have praised their services but others were not so happy. The majority of negative reviews focus on their hidden fees and the late delivery of services.

Other than their negative remarks They are also experts in their work. Therefore, if you look at each aspect, we suggest that you place your trust in them.


  • 30 years of expertise in the field
  • Many moving services are available.
  • Many trucks and equipment for moving
  • Professional and quick moving


  • A bit more expensive than the average.
  • Unwanted hidden costs

    5.2 Burley Men Moving 

2 Burley Men Moving has been operating in the field of moving since 2007. It is definitely worthy of being included in the top moving companies in Calgary. The local moving company located in Calgary is well-known, having more than 1000 reviews on Google. This is why you can rely on them for your possessions.

  1. Burley Men provide local and long-distance moving. They are most well-known for their extensive and impressive local relocations. Two men and a truck cost of $130 an hour. It is possible to hire these Movers for a minimum of three hours. They can provide services to Vancouver Islands, BC mainlands, Alberta, etc.

Following the Covid-19 After the Covid-19, the company will take precautions to keep everyone safe. Their movers are mostly professional and are able to perform under pressure. The reviews of customers indicate two Burley Men are 40% less expensive and 50 percent more efficient. There are also negative reviews about them however who wouldn’t?

We would definitely recommend 2 Burley Men for local relocation.


  • One of the most affordable movers in Calgary
  • Local Move Experts
  • Fantastic Google and internet reviews
  • A number of operational areas


  • Not the best long-distance moving partner

    6.Best Moves Inc.

Best Moves Inc. is relatively new on our list. It was founded in the year 2016. Perhaps the company is young, however it’s a reliable place for Calgary residents. We believe that customers should always look for the best quality and not be concerned about age. This is why Best Moves Inc. grabs the top spot among our top moving companies in Calgary.

Best Moves is limited to mainly office and residential moves. Because of this, they specialize in these two areas. At present, they are the most reliable people in Calgary to help you with your home relocation. It is safe to leave your most valuable belongings to them. We were unable to know the exact amount of the cost. However, the estimated cost of three people and a pickup truck is $180, for at least three hours.

When it comes to customer satisfaction In terms of customer satisfaction, they’re top. The majority of their clients are satisfied with their service. This is why 90% of clients of BEST Movers return for a second move. They are among the top Movers in Calgary. We highly recommend this company for your commercial and residential relocation.


  • Proud enthusiastic
  • Movers can be flexible and adapt to any situation.
  • No casualty reports
  • Greater customer satisfaction


  • Three hours minimum of hiring
  • A little slow on the moving

    7.Calgary Piano Movers

When we talk about all special moving companies, Calgary Piano Movers is the right one to relocate your piano. Piano is a very delicate instrument. This is why you’ll need an expert to help you move your piano. Unprofessional hands will just make things worse. Therefore, if you want to relocate the Piano, Calgary Piano Movers is one of the most reputable moving businesses located in Calgary.

Calgary Piano Movers is a family-owned company that was founded around 24 years ago. The company is awash with passion and love for the piano. Therefore, they treat the Piano of the client just like their own. In addition to Piano Move, the company also offers lab machinery moves as well as international logistical moves, casting of iron tubes and more.

The process of charging for piano moves is distinct and intricate. The cost starts at $199 and is contingent upon other factors. They have a lot of google reviews that have satisfied customers. This is why if you own an instrument and want to relocate in Calgary, Calgary Piano Movers is the right option for you.


  • The most professional piano movers and professionals in Calgary
  • Special wrapping to prevent damage
  • The focus is on the health of the piano more than anyone else.
  • Storage availability


  • Costly and with there are too many hidden costs

    8.Elephant Moving

Elephant Moving Inc. is an Calgary, Alberta based Canadian moving company. The company was founded 10 years ago, and it is functioning at its peak. But, Elephant Movers are famous for their unique commercial and residential moving services.

The two founders, Nicolae Gorb and Dmytri Gyrb, started the company with one goal with one goal in mind “BETTER SERVICE”. In the ten years since they started the business, they have kept their word. They have become one of the top Movers in Calgary. Elephant Moving offers both local and long-distance moving. The services they offer include commercial, residential packing, and other services.

We attempted to determine the exact cost of their services. However, we were unable to obtain any information. Since their rates differ from one move to the next and we couldn’t get details. We did, however, look up the customer reviews and feedback. We discovered that the business is affordable and offers competitive costs in Calgary.

A few customers complained about the timeframe. However, the majority of customers were satisfied. Customers mostly expressed their appreciation for the owners’ attitude and positive attitudes. Therefore, for outstanding service, reliability and a good reputation, Elephant Moving INC. is one of the top moving companies in Calgary.


  • Moving with enthusiasm and friendliness
  • The best professionals around town
  • Fairly reasonable in terms price
  • One of the top services available in Calgary


  • Regarding punctuality, they are a bit late

    9.Super Duper Movers Inc.

Super Duper Movers Inc. is among the most reliable Movers that we have listed. The company is located in Calgary and they are an residential relocation company . Their services extend beyond office relocations and last-minute moves, pickup Delivery, Storage and more. The company can provide long-distance and local moves.

We don’t have any accurate information regarding their prices. If we look at past client reports, we could provide an approximate estimate that the cost of moving locally is between $160 and $200. This is quite affordable. Most of the Calgary moving companies charge for at least three hours.

As per YELP their ratings and feedback is far more than acceptable. This is why we considered Super Duper Movers Inc. as one of the top moving companies located in Calgary. Super Duper Movers mostly operate in Calgary and its surroundings. Because of this, they are familiar with Calgary better than any other. This means that you can have a an effortless moving experience with them.


  • The wide variety of services available
  • No hassles to move your belongings
  • Different-sized trucks for transport
  • Fantastic customer feedback


  • Reclamations about hidden costs

    10.Premiere Van Lines

Premiere Van Lines is an international company that has a great reputation. It is among the top moving companies located in Calgary, Alberta. It’s a huge company that has more than 1,000 total employees. This is why you can trust their reliability and expertise. Premiere Van Line is mainly an organization of moving companies offering outstanding service across Canada.

The company has been an ATLAS Van LINE Agent. This means that you can count on them to be among the top Movers in Calgary. Their services are among the largest across Canada. They offer both long and local moves. The Premiere Van lines is known for its extravagant long distance moves. They offer business, office, residential storage, packing and more.

The price of premium Van lines ranges from $200-$250 for a move to a local residence with two people and the use of a truck. The initial price is more expensive than regular prices. However, their services and quality certainly add for the extra cost. With a StartScore of 89 they are a reliable option if you’re looking for a reliable and secure service. We would highly recommend Premier Van Lines as one of the most reliable moving companies located in Calgary, Alberta.


  • Globalized big business
  • Expertly trained movers and professional hands
  • A wide range of services and staff
  • An established company with a license and insurance


  • A bit pricey

How to Choose the Best Movers in Calgary or in Any Area

Finding the most reliable mover or the best moving service is not simple. It is important to keep in mind and consider a variety of aspects to choose the most effective. We took into consideration a number of elements in our list of the top moving companies in Calgary. We could come to this fantastic list.


Let’s say that you’re not located in Calgary However it is important to select the most reliable moving company. Therefore, prior to choosing the right mover, take these factors as a consideration. This will allow you to select the most reliable mover in Calgary or any other area.


Quality is the first factor when you are choosing the most reliable Movers in your area. If the movers aren’t of top quality moving, they could cause chaos to everything. Additionally, the potential damage could be significant. In the beginning you must be sure to hire the best moving service.

There are other large moving companies in Calgary as well. We did not choose them as the top moving companies in Calgary due to their low performance on the ground. Your office or house contains valuable possessions. It is not a good idea to give them to random people. Therefore If you wish to protect your property from damage, high-quality removalists are essential.


The moving company you select should be prompt, active and friendly. They should also be comfortable on the day of the move. Professionalism is a key attribute for the top moving company. The top movers must exhibit absolute professionalism, right from giving you a price to efficiently executing the move.

Therefore, it is beneficial to always choose an organization that is professional and well-organized. Research suggests that professionals are the most ideal people to deal with. So you’ll have an amazing, stress-free experience when moving.

Great Equipment and Trucks

The best movers should have the most modern technology and trucks. On our list, a majority of the companies offer different-sized trucks for various types of moves. So, you have an array of options to choose from. Therefore, heavy and bulky objects like pianos, appliances and other appliances will be much easier to move.

By 2021 everything will be digital. Therefore, your home will be filled with different technologies. The company you select for moving will require modern equipment to dismantle and put together the latest products.

Types of Services

Who doesn’t like broader options? It would be ideal to consider an expanded menu offered by the moving company you choose. It’s a must. In addition, you do not think about what might happen during the process of moving. Moving companies may not offer a variety of services.

Therefore, if you have to relocate things at the last minute or you’re forced to change your schedule and require storage space, you’ll be in difficulty. The more that your company offers services and solutions, the more efficient. It’s difficult to find businesses that offer this many offerings, but you must always search for more.


The company you choose to move with must be reliable and trustworthy. You shouldn’t just allow anyone to enter your private space. You must verify the reputation and credibility of the company you select to move with.

But, it is important to verify your mover’s license to operate and insurance. Talk about your prospective moving firm with someone. You can look up Google reviews or ask your locals for specific details. The Internet could be misleading you with incorrect information. Be cautious when you begin your research.


Last but not least, price is a factor to consider. We are aware that you don’t want to sacrifice quality to save price. However, sometimes it’s better to shop around. It is impossible to know when you can find the best service for the lowest price possible.

We don’t recommend that you sacrifice quality for price. If you can locate an excellent company with an acceptable budget, it’s never an issue.

Bottom Line

This article will focus on the top moving companies that are located in Calgary. We attempted to provide you with some ideas about the top Movers in Calgary to help you to locate one next time. Our team compiled the list taking a variety of aspects to consider. From the best overall to average, we’ve got everything listed including the most expensive to cheaper price points.

There are numerous moving companies in Calgary. The cost of various companies differs between times. We made every effort to provide you with the most precise information. But , there could be positives and negatives as well. Therefore, it’s possible that while you are studying this post, you will find that the rates of a particular company differ.

We are able to guarantee the high quality of these 10 companies. Just by looking at the aspects these are the top moving companies in Calgary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Moving Company in Calgary?

Answer: Calgary Movers Pro. If you think about the reputation of their company, its familiarity, credibility and quality, you’ll discover them to be the top Movers located in Calgary, Alberta. They have more than 25 trucks of various sizes. Furthermore, they don’t charge for less than three hours. They charge for the minimum of two hours.

Calgary Movers Pro has been in the business of moving for quite a while. This means they have the best experience in the industry. Therefore, when you look at all of the aspects they have, it’s fair to consider them to be the top moving company in Calgary.


What is the average price for a middle Local Residential Move costs in Calgary?

Answer: Between $120 and $250 per hour. It’s hard to know without looking through your belongings. However, the general idea is around 200 dollars per hour.

In general, you can afford three moving trucks and three movers within the budget. The price will depend on your items, the distance to move as well as the weights of your goods and so on. After contacting your moving company, they will inform you of the exact cost.

Do I need to pay for my travel time to Calgary?

Answer: Yes and No. There are some businesses in Calgary that charge for their travel, and there are others that do not. In general, you are granted free travel time in Calgary.

Companies such as Calgary Movers Pro don’t charge travel time within Calgary. Other companies do require travel charges in Calgary. Therefore, the answer to this question is both NO and YES.


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