Essential Tips to Send Parcel Safely

Many shipping companies don’t treat the shipment goods with care while sending them to
the receiving party. This is why one needs to pay attention to the packaging and other
essential things before sending a parcel. It may fall from 1-2 meters of height, or it may get
put down beneath other goods, so it should withstand its weight. A well-packed parcel
can survive the shipment journey without problems. Thus, we have enlisted some essential
tips for sending packets safely that you can check before enjoying no deposit casinos in South
Africa to win real money.

Perfect Packing

No ordinary sales packaging has to be used to ship the item. If you have seen a parcel from
Amazon or eBay, then you might have noticed that the packaging is placed in a larger box
with padding so that nothing can break during transport. Corrugated cardboard is also very
suitable in addition to standard and strong cardboard, depending on the value of the

Select the Right Package Size

Too big is just as bad as too small. The content should not be squashed and should have
enough space. If it has too much room to move, padding helps to hold it in place. Typically, a
box should be about four inches larger for heavy equipment. When in doubt, it is always
better to use a larger box. Otherwise, if the contents are squashed and still have weight on
top, there is a very good chance that something will break. Along with that, pack the
contents very securely.

Padding Is Necessary

Items shipped are often not in the same shape as the packaging. Besides, this is usually
should be selected a little larger so that the content is not compressed. As a result, padding
is necessary. This allows the product to be fixed very well. However, it is also important to
choose the right padding. Depending on the products you pack, padding should be done.
You should also focus on padding the products individually if the package contains multiple

Close the Package Securely

Since, in most cases, no private person has a machine at home with which packages can be
tied or strapped tightly, adhesive tape is sufficient. However, this has to seal the package
tightly so that even if it falls, there is little to no possibility that it could burst. Thus, it is
necessary to run the packaging tape around the entire box so that all sides are glued. With
this method, it is very unlikely that the packing will tear or soil will give way, and the

contents will fall out while the mail is being carried. In most cases, shipping companies only
accept shipments that are adequately taped on all sides.

Attach the Address Label So That It Is Visible

The address should be clearly visible on the package to not have to look for it long. Some
shipping companies have extra stickers that are given to the sender when the parcel is
handed over. If this is not the case, it is best to stick a white sticker on the parcel and write
its address. This ensures that everyone can read it, as its colour contrasts nicely with the
mostly brown packages.