Tracking Methods to Catch Your Cheating Girlfriend/Boyfriend

No worse feeling exists than finding out that your romantic partner is cheating on you, except for suspecting it and having no proof. Of course, many of you know that the role of a man and woman in a relationship is simple, but does your partner play this role honestly? If you are asking this question and do not have an answer, you can do your utmost to find out by using the methods we describe here. 

Checking the Most Popular Dating Sites

The first way that you can see what your partner is up to is by performing some reconnaissance on the most popular dating sites. When people are looking to have an illicit affair, they will tend to use dating services in the digital realm to hide their footprints. That means you need to make an account on the site just to look and see if they are using it. To be clear: do not use your personal email or real name when you are doing this. Otherwise, it may look like you’re the one using the sites. If you find their name or email through the search aspect of the sites, then you have the ability to show them what you found. 

Get Access to His/Her Email and Check it for Suspicious Messages

Another way to see if your partner is cheating is to get access to their email account. This can be a little difficult because emails need passwords, and that can be somewhat hard to obtain. However, you should remember that the majority of people today keep their emails logged in on their computers. Wait for them to leave or go to sleep and then get into their email. Do not forget to check the trash and spam messages for signs that they are talking to someone or on a dating site. 

  • Google allows tracking the phone which is connected to the account.

Another crafty way of tracking your date to see if they are not where they claim to be is by using your Google account. Since you already have their email information from the last step, you can use that account information to check out where their phone is located. If your partner is stepping out of the house at all hours or “staying at work late,” you can check on their phone location to see their location. That is a great way to bust them in the act so you can embarrass them and make an end to the relationship. 

Get the Information About Her Calls and SMS

You can get information about calls in two general ways. First, you can wait for their phone bill to come in and then examine that. It will detail calls to people and their phone numbers. You can search the numbers and see if it comes back with an actionable result. Otherwise, you can also check their phone and see who they have been calling and the texts they sent to others. Look for sent pictures and messages along with downloads on the phone. That will tell you what kind of SMS, calls, and videos they have been receiving. 


Nobody likes the idea of being cheated on by their partner. In the case where you think your partner is cheating, it is often best to end your relationship and move on even if you do not find the proof that you need. Otherwise, you will always wonder where they are and what they are doing. All in all, make sure that you are careful with your suspicions as well as with your efforts to uncover any unsavory deeds by your partner.