UPS Near me

UPS Near Me :- If you are seeking a guideline to look for a UPS distribution…

UPS Near Me :- If you are seeking a guideline to look for a UPS distribution center near you, you have come to the right place. To assist its clients in the best possible manner, UPS has launched its own UPS Locator or UPS Near me to help you find any UPS location easily. This locator will give you various options to customize your search with most feasible options and will look up for you the center that will save you both time and money.



UPS Near me
UPS Near me

Being an expert logistics company, UPS distribution solutions can assist you in adding value to your business as it offers the warehousing facilities with optimal logistic solutions.

Guide to find UPS Near me:

Here’s an overview of how to find a nearby UPS Distribution center through the UPS Locator.


So, first what you need to do is to go to the official website of UPS which is

You might be asked to enter your location to continue, enter the location and click continue, you’ll be directed to the homepage of the website.

After the page is loaded, move the cursor on the top right corner and click on ‘Locations’.

UPS Near me
UPS Near me

Clicking on this, the site will take you to the page where you can enter your location and find a nearby UPS Distribution Center. Under the title ‘Find Location’, you’d find rectangular fields or search bars to customize your search.

ups store near me
ups store near me

You can either click on the option of ‘use my current location’ to let it automatically detect your location and work on the nearby centers. Or you can enter the area, in or nearby which you are looking for the Distribution Center in the search field.

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Let’s say you have entered Chicago, a search assisting list will appear that will show all the areas related to your search where you could find a UPS Distribution center.                    

ups drop off near me

Now before choosing the location from that list, scroll the page down and click on the plus ‘+’ sign besides ‘see other options’.

ups drop off near me

Among the options on the expanded list, click on plus ‘+’ sign besides ‘Location Type’.

ups drop off locations near me

An option ladder showing the types of centers with specific services will expand below the ‘Location Type’. Then check the box of ‘UPS Customer Center’ among that list.

ups drop off locations near me

After that go back to the top again and choose one of the options from the possible matches of locations.

Finally click on the search button.

The page will reload showing the nearby UPS Customer centers on the map appearing on the right side of the page.

where is a ups store near me

How to contact UPS Distribution Centers (UPS Near me)

 Moreover, clickable boxes with detailed information regarding all the nearby centers with specific numbering will also appear on the bottom left corner of the page.

where is a ups store near me

By clicking on these boxes or on the numbered, you will be shown the following information regarding the specific center you clicked on:

  • Address
  • Direction
  • Timing
  • Phone number
  • Services
  • Requirement
  • Drop-off time

The address of the specific customer center will be written in detail to assist you in reaching out to us. Furthermore, if you click on the ‘direction’, the map will appear to guide and direct you to the center.

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You can get all the information regarding the operating hours and the call hours too by clicking on ‘Hours’ option. The hours vary from one location to another, so it is advised to check and confirm the hours through the locator.

As per requirement, you only have to bring a government-issued photo ID to ship or pick up a package at a UPS Customer Center. The services option will show the kinds of services being offered at the center. It mainly offers packaging materials and services. UPS also give urgent delivery facility by offering flexible timing. The option of Drop-off time tells that timing both by air and road. 

With the option of Location Filter, you can further customize your search as it can help you locate the center that suits you most and see the details regarding the services you want i.e. by air or by road. It offers you the option to look for the center within the specific distance and during a specific time and day which you choose by letting you choose from the option of ‘Only show location within’. Besides that, it shows the following options to customize the center search with the services you need:

  • Staffed Locations – to get the assistance of the UPS staff
  • Accepts Mobile Bar codes – for package tracking  
  • Bill My Account – to pay your shipping charges
  • Accepts Shipping Tickets – to look for locations that accept shipping tickets.
  • Accepts Restricted Articles these articles are accepted on contractual basis
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Services:UPS Near me

At the UPS Customer Center, you can get in contact with the UPS Distribution Team which will offer you the following services.

  • From healthcare to automotive, UPS offers an expert network to handle all kinds of different products.
  • Cross-docking
  • End to end transportation services in the supply chain
  • All-inclusive range of value-added services including the following
  1. Configuration/customization
  2. Assembly/kitting
  3. Product labeling
  4. Material insertion
  5. Labeling
  6. Price ticketing
  7. Repackaging
  8. Quarantine
  9. QA inspection
  10. Import and export
  • Efficient technological solutions.

Being Expert logistics Company and owing to the financial and technological strength, they can assist you in getting rid of most of the inventory problems by improving the warehouse inventory accuracy. Besides that, they also offer a centralized distribution system to manage and control the inventory that is spread across various spaces and, various solutions to combat the labor-intensive procedures. Along with that below is the list of outbound services that include

  • Order receipt
  • Picking/replenishing
  • Outbound value-added services (VAS)
  • Shipping
  • Electronic shipping confirmation
  • Inventory visibility
  • Shipment visibility

Along with that, return operation solution including the managing facilities and labor to efficiently deal with the returns without wasting any of your precious time. Amid the inspection, repairing, refurbishing and return services.

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