UPS Tracking Number From Receipt

UPS Tracking Number From Receipt – United Parcel Service is the largest parcel delivery company in the USA, Found in 1907. Tracking of UPS parcels is very easy, Here we will define how you can find the UPS tracking number and Track your parcel’s live location and delivery time.

UPS Tracking number

To Track your shipment UPS provides a tracking number to customers that is start with 1Z. With the help of this number, you can track your parcel and know the exact location of your shipment you can also check the delivery time of your parcel.

UPS Tracking Number Formats

UPS provides 18 digit tracking number for every parcel that starts with 1Z and is followed by 6 character shipper number and the next 2-digit service level indicator and last followed by 8 digits to identify the parcel.   Example  –  IZ1234567891234567

UPS Phone Number

  • Domestic: 1-888-742-5877
  • International: 1-866-782-7892

UPS Tracking Number From Receipt

You can find your UPS tracking number on your receipt lower part under the heading Package details

UPS Tracking Number From Receipt
UPS Tracking Number From Receipt


How Do I Get a Tracking Number From UPS Receipt?

You can find proof of delivery from the shipment details page in Quantum View Manage. With the help of this proof, you can check which time the shipment arrived at your place and generate the proof of delivery letter for your record. Follow these steps to generate proof of delivery on Dios News

  1. Find the accurate tracking number in the package details
  2. Select the tracking number link from the shipment details page
  3. Choose the proof delivery link to get the print version of the delivery proof.

Where to Find USPS Tracking Number From UPS Receipt

You can find UPS Tracking Number on Receipt at bottom of your receipt under the parcel details. The tracking number on UPS Receipt is always printed by UPS to track that parcel.

Track Your UPS Parcel Here – Track Now

How to Find UPS Tracking Number Without Receipt

If you lost your UPS receipt you can use the following method to find your parcel tracking number.

Check Your Inbox.
Look For An Email From The Company.
Call Their Customer Service Line.
Search Online.

USPS Text Tracking

UPS Services Offer Tracking?

UPS provides a Tracking service for all services. Here are the most common services used for shipping.

  • UPS® Ground: Delivery time is 1 day to 5 Days
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®: Delivered in 140 countries with morning delivery
  • UPS Worldwide Express®: Time-definite service to 140 countries and territories
  • UPS Worldwide Saver®: Same-day Delivery in Business area. Next working day delivery in Canada. Second working day delivery in Mexico and major metropolitan areas worldwide
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited®: Day delivery to over 220 countries and territories