What Tracking Methods Can Be Used in the Sphere of Relationships

What Tracking Methods Can Be Used in the Sphere of Relationships

Sites, where people meet each other, are a common thing nowadays and of course, they are used not only for meetings but for tracking people as well, for example, to check if your couple is cheating on you. “The easiest way is to see if your mate has a profile on such a website”, – several users of wildspank.com told us. We’ll show you all the other ways that you can use to find out what your partner is up to.

Search a Suspected Website for Their Email

Finding out whether someone is trying to find a partner on the side can be difficult. Still, you can start out by looking at sites that you would expect your partner to use if they were involved with online dating. Often, you will be able to search for people on a website according to their email. While some sites have done away with this feature, you can use it on many notable services. As such, you can search for their email to see if they listed their email on a dating site. If so, then you can confront them about their actions and end the relationship. Be careful, though. This often requires you to sign up for the site to get started, and that can look bad. 

Check Out Their Phone

Another thing that you can do if you want to find out what your partner is up to when you’re not home is to check out their phone. People use their smartphones for everything, and that includes dating. If your partner is dating someone online, the chances are good that they have evolved past the need for the site and continue to message one another through texts. Scroll through his contact list and look for unfamiliar people. Then scroll through the messages and see who is texting him and when. If your date has a woman messaging him consistently at 3 a.m. or all the messages are deleted in a conversation, then something is wrong, and you need to investigate what is happening. 

Look at the Browser History

While you have your partner’s phone in hand, you should also take a look at their browsing habits. There could be a few interesting trends or bits of information you discover. For example, you could find out that they have been visiting a dating site. That would be the most concerning discovery that you could make. However, you could also find that there are large gaps in their history that suggest they have been deleting it regularly. The latter is not a direct sign that your partner is cheating, but it is a piece of the puzzle that you should examine as often as possible. Their browser history can also tell you what kind of information they are seeking. You might discover that they are learning how to hide their online activity, something that is highly suspicious. 

Pay Attention to Their Behavior

When you are in the course of trying to catch someone cheating, you should pay careful attention to the way they behave. They might start becoming more secretive and change their habits. They might:

  • Start wearing different clothes
  • Start coming home late at night
  • Get defensive when you ask what they’re doing on their phone
  • Put a password on their phone so that you can’t access it
  • Delete their browser history after every computer session

These are all individual signs that point to a larger issue that is happening. However, you need to be certain that your partner is cheating before confronting them, or you may discover reasonable explanations for some of these. 

Insert a Tracking Program on the Computer 

The last method that you can use to track your partner’s actions will involve a little more direct intervention on your part. Using the most effective tracking methods and programs, you can insert a program onto your partner’s computer that will monitor their behaviors and track what they are doing. You can use a keylogger program to see what they are typing to other people and to get the passwords that they use for specific websites. With this program installed, you can see every site they visit and what they do. That will give you direct confirmation that what they’re doing is right or wrong. 


Tracking your partner is something that you should only do if you have a good reason to believe that someone is not faithful to you. The action will likely have an impact on your relationship, whether you find some sort of damning evidence or not. If you do find something, you will have to admit your suspicions and methods, and if you don’t, you have to consider the fact that you no longer trust your partner, and they can’t trust you. Think carefully before you proceed and only act when evidence compels you to do so.